Chicago or “Happy Tail,” as we commonly call her, came to us in the early summer months of 2016. We had picked her out of a litter of 12 when she was four weeks old, and returned for her a few weeks later. When we arrived to get her, she was outside in the rain, and cuddled in a puppy pile in an old dog house on concrete to keep warm. Try as the owner might, he could not get the puppies out so we could find her. I knelt by the chain link fence and gave a small whistle that she had responded to weeks earlier, and out she came, clawing at the fence, wagging her tail and trying desperately to get out of the pen that was her home. (We had learned that the owner had moved them outside due to the smell and mess, and brought the mom outside only for feeding…so our hearts broke a little as we left 11 other sweet babies behind).

Chicago has been the most unique Doberman I have ever owned. Unlike Santana, this little own has never chewed a thing, never takes anything or plays catch me if you can with something she should not have. She talks like she is having a conversation with you, wags her tail all of the time, and is eager to stay within the boundaries we have set for her. Her only vice as a pup was spinning the toilet paper roll and then dragging yards of it all over the house.. She has almost a desperation in her to please you, and her chocolate, is “BELLY RUBS.”

Unfortunately, little Chicago also has a health issue that has completely stumped a few vets. Every now and then she had terrible head shakes. They are not seizures as she is alert, aware of her surroundings and can come to you when called. They are terrible to watch, but we have been told she is not in any pain. Every vet we have taken her to, has concluded that although they can not be certain, they feel she was probably dropped on her head as a wee pup, or something happened during delivery. So we keep a close eye on her, and for the most part, we are able to talk her through her episodes. We are so glad we ended up with her, because another owner may have had her put down or would be unable to or willing to provide the care we give her when she has these issues.

Chicago has been really good for Santana. From almost the first day, the two have been attached at the hip. Santana has been a wonderful teacher. Over time, Chicago has become sensitive to Santana’s down days and will lay with her for hours, sneaking in the odd kiss or cuddle. We believe this tender little soul plays a huge part in Santana’s well being, and we extend our thanks to those who suggested we get a puppy when Santana was first diagnosed with heart disease.

Chicago is now a Registered Service Dog, and following in Santana’s footsteps. She is learning very quickly how to behave in public places, and how to keep focused on her job. We love this little one to pieces!

So as unexpected as it is, we now have two dobermans who have become a very important part of our family. Although each are very different in personality, they excel in the fact that they are tender, trustworthy and exceptionally gentle with other dogs and people.

We are looking forward to our new life on the road, and are anxious to experience all of the joys and wonders Chicago will discover along the way. The world amazes her, and she brings so much laughter into our lives. We are truly blessed to have them both.

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