Santana is a 6 year old doberman, that I do not mind saying is completely spoiled. She was given to me as a gift from my husband, and although she has a great deal of respect for me, and loves me to pieces, she owns her daddy! I mean literally. She takes him for walks, tells him when she wants cookies and he runs to fetch her what ever her heart desires. He shares his pillow, the bed, his lap and the ice cubes in his drinks.

Santana has been through a lot, so she maybe gets a lot of extra attention. She was trapped in our house fire and lived to survive, had extensive leg surgery that required bolts and metal plates, and more recently was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. In the spring of 2016 she was given about three months to live. I believe she is still with us because we give her a food supplement that we know prevents heart attacks and strokes, and she has had world wide support and continued prayers from many in our world of social media.

Our vet just can not understand why she is still with us. She has her sad days or days when she just does not look well, but then she’s alert and back to herself like a light switch. We think the addition of little Chicago who is now a year old, has had a massive impact on the happy spot in her heart.

As we work through the process of selling the house and preparing to RV full time. It is our dream that if she does not live to be the gentle and elegant old lady that she is, that she will make it long enough for us to return her to the beaches of the Oregon Coast to run with the wind, fly over waves and chase the sun! That is indeed, her chocolate!

Who knows…. maybe she will start her own blog. Lol.


  1. Kathleen Manthey Reply

    I had to come back here to re-read, again, Santana’s story. I am honored to have met her in person!! Sherry, she is your guardian watching over you, until you are reunited. RIP Beautiful Girl!

    • Sherry Reply

      Thanks again Kathleen Manthey.. I obviously have a few posts to add and update everyone.. perhaps tonight I can get my head in a space to do that… love ya!

    • Sherry Reply

      I got to thinking Kathleen Manthey, that all dogs and fur babies are gifts. Santana was a gift to us… she did not belong to us… like every one else….. we all have the responsibility for being care givers to our fragile and loving companions …. so in essence…she belonged to all of us.

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