December 17th, 2017

After a few months on the market, our home sold in October, and the new owner took possession December 2nd.

Although we knew the sale of the house would be a matter of time, it actually caught us off guard. Suddenly it was a reality, and I have to be frank and say for the record that it was an emotional roller coaster for me! In spite of the arson fire we had a few years back, it was interesting to see how much we had to let go, store, sell or give away. As the impending closure of the house sale got closer, the more I began to panic. My daughter, Taryn, came out and spent a couple of days sorting through china, crystal, ornaments and kitchen ware. For the most part, some of it was easy. Following the passing of my mom, I was NOT willing to let anything go that had belonged to her. Kitchen ware and household items were a little easier. All the furniture went aside from one hutch, a mirror and our leather sofa. Aside from those items, if it would not fit in the Motor Home or was of some use….it went. Poof! I was actually proud of what I could let go, although my husband I am sure is still shaking his head at some of the things I could not part with. That’s where men and women are different I suppose.

I even sold my big horse trailer! Can you believe that? I got to thinking that I didn’t have a truck to pull it, and although I had a place to keep it…. somehow it just didn’t make sense. So I pulled out all my show gear, saddles and such and sent it off to storage. I ended up selling my rig to someone who is really wonderful. When we return home, I have the use of a truck and a horse trailer anytime I need it.

The bulk of room in our storage is actually taken up with a couple hundred framed pieces of my photography. I was blessed to have a friend who worked in a private framing shop where they catered solely to professional painters and world class artists. Needless to say I could not part with any of those! Once we return, I imagine I will have a collection of new and better work that I will want to showcase or sell. Having a bevy of custom frames to choose from that I could not buy anywhere else is like candy to a kid.

As the Coach started to fill with cloths, my collection of coats, camera gear, dog accessories, computers, toiletries and kitchen wares, I began to stress! My brain was so drained that I just could not decide how to arrange things to make use of the storage we had. My dad’s wife Maxine came over a few days before we left and I emptied all the storage in the front end and she helped me go through things. What space do you need for food, how many bowls and such are necessary, and how many pillows, blankets and cloths are really needed.. In a matter of hours, I had opened up a lot more room, and things we really didn’t need went into dad’s truck and off to thrift stores. It was good to have the help of someone to talk and think things through. Packing your life needs into a Coach is a lot harder than most would think. I mean, we are not going camping for a week or so…. this is our home.

December 2 came quicker than I would have liked, but we managed to get everything done, cleaned, packed and gone. We had planned to leave early that Saturday morning so we could get to Chilliwack for an appointment to get out Shaw direct satellite hooked up. We ran into a glitch though. In all the rush and madness…… we had not made a trip out to see my daughter and grand kids before we left. So we put things on hold for a day, and spent Saturday with family. It was wonderful!

Sunday morning we woke up to a snow storm. Exactly what we had been trying to avoid knowing we had to travel a very volatile mountain pass to get to the Vancouver area. However, to make a long story short we arrived safe and sound.

Originally we had only planned on being here a few days before crossing over into the USA for warmer weather. We quickly learned, however that often your plans will be dictated by circumstances you can not control.

Of course I am referring to all of the fires burning in California! It’s absolutely horrible! We decided to hang out here until after Christmas with the hopes that things will settle down. We have a lot of people we were hoping to meet, but that may not happen this trip.

So we sit and wait, have no idea where we are going, and Christmas is a few days away 🙁 No Family. As I write this I am missing my tree, the Christmas ornaments, plans for family gatherings and the festivities that come with the season. It is very different! I’m not sure I will ever get use to this). For now we wish all of you a bright and Happy Christmas. May you all have someone to share the holidays with. Stay well and be safe! Remember there are a lot of people who have nowhere to go, and may not have family to share the holidays with. Perhaps there is room at your festive table?

Cheers for now, and a very sincere and heart-felt Merry Christmas to each of you!

Sherry, Doug, Santana and Chicago.


  1. Welcome to the desert. We have friends in penticton bc . Dan and Shirley Esau. The desert is our home but we plan on doing some serious rv traveling soon . We are currently in the process of moving to another home here . At the new home we can store our trailer at home. would love to meet you and crew . Our other member Luke is a terrier mix . We have a fenced nice yard with pool here and at the new home. 760-702-7880

    • Sherry Reply

      Sorry for such a late reply, I am not actually sure if I did respond to your comment 😉 We have very limited internet and since returning to BC we have been really busy! Penticton is stones through away from us. We have spent the summer working and helping at an riding stable and I have no idea where the time has gone. We leave for the USA on Dec 2, so I guess I am down to the wire to get everything caught up. I have access to the internet at a friends house so I will be heading up there to update everything on the Blog. Would be great to keep in touch! Thanks for visiting… new content and a lot of video wil be up soon. Thanks again.

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