Our Introduction to RV Living.

Back in August of 2012, we left Kelowna to attend a Wedding out of town. Santana was always left in her crate when we were gone for extended periods of time, but for some reason, we decided to leave her loose in the house that day. Gizmo our little calico was also in the home.

On our way back from the wedding we got a call from the police while we were driving and were asked to pull the truck over when safe, stop, and take the keys out of the ignition. I was actually checking the sky for helicopters wondering if we had been caught speeding.

It turned out that is was a Constable from the Kelowna Police Department. He informed us that our home was on fire, and that fire trucks where currently on the scene. Immediately I started screaming that we had a cat and a doberman in the house! They informed us that neighbours had told them about the dog, and that they had retrieved her, but the kitty was in a bedroom and firemen could not get to her. Quite frankly, I lost my mind. Its a good thing Doug was driving because I would have made that thirty minute trip home in five minutes. To make a long story short…. Gizmo and Santana had been pulled from the house but we had lost everything. I can not begin to express or explain the horror we went through for the next two years.

First and foremost, we had to find a place to live. Our Insurance company were quite frankly a home owners worst night mare. They insisted that our home would be a four month rebuild. Where on earth would we find a short term rental that would take a Doberman, and a cat? There was nothing. After some creative thinking we ended up purchasing a Class A, 40’Alfa RV, and parking it on five acres up at the ranch where I kept my horse. It would take TWO YEARS of fighting insurance companies, builders, and consultations with lawyers before we got back in our home. Aside from the nightmares, stress and fighting we went through to get our home built, we learned one thing. We LOVED living in our coach! As a matter of fact… when we finally got to move back into the house, it never really felt like home. Each time we stepped into the Alfa that was now parked in our driveway, we wished we had just sold the lot, taken the insurance money and never returned.

After a year or so, we decided that we should at least take one trip in the Coach before we sold it. After some maintenance work, a few repairs and Doug taking his air bags course…. we headed south for a few months.

It was one of the most memorable times of our lives. Between photography, the people we met and places we saw….neither of us wanted to come home. Perhaps the biggest eye opener we had was the amount of homeless people we got to know who live in the deserts of Nevada and Arizona. Once we returned home, it was all we could think about. So we began to look at our life, and consider the possibility of making a 360 degree lifestyle change.

In 2017, we put our house up for sale, we sold our Alfa, and purchased and 42′ Class A Monico Knight. We loved the floor plan and four slides. When you consider we are travelling with two Dobermans, we wanted a unit that had an open plan and felt like home. I sold my beloved truck and we purchased a Rubicon Jeep to tow. Although still going through some construction, our Blog…… KnightRider360.com was born 🙂

Our adventure began Dec 2nd (2017) when we turned the keys over to a new owner and started to make our way over the mountains to Chilliwack, and eventually Langley. We have been sitting here for almost a month now, waiting to cross over into the States. At first we hung out here because of all the fires in California, and we thought a bit of a break would do us good. The first week was beautiful! Green grass everywhere, blue sky and no snow! Then of course, as with all things Sherry and Doug…. we got hit with weeks of snow, rain and then an Ice storm with days of power outages.

As I write this, we are waiting for Santana’s heart medication to arrive from Kelowna. Once it arrives on Tuesday or Wednesday, we will be out of here! Doug has done a massive amount of work customizing our rig. It will be awesome!!! Cheers for now and we look forward to meeting many of you on our adventure!


  1. Claudia Burris Reply

    Hi, my husband and I met you and your husband while at Pechanga RV Park.
    We hope your dog will be okay and
    recuperation will go well . Looking
    forward to following you and your
    Claudia Burris

    • Sherry Reply

      Thanks so much Claudia Burris!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tel I am a bit behind on my posts. We have had so much going on and for a good portion of time we have either had limited access to internet or we were on the mend from some pretty hard dental surgery in Mexico. We are no parked back in Yuma and I will be posting blog updates… some amazing stories, video and photography. I just have to get everything in order. hope to see you again! We will be back in Temecula mid April as Chicago has to have her stitches out.

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