Sherry & Doug


Doug and Sherry met in Salt Lake City in 2008 for a networking business convention, and discovered that they had a ton in common and actually came from the same city in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. They have been married and happy ever since. Currently they have two ridiculously loved Dobermans who rule the house. Santana and Chicago. Aside from loving them like their children, they also provide assistance as Service Dogs, the youngest is in training, and smart as a Whip!.

Doug is originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and moved to the beautiful Okanagan in 1979. He owned and ran a large Construction Company with 155 employees before shutting it down and opting to work with a smaller team. Active in coaching women’s softball for years, Doug has a love for music and travel.

Doug also has a great passion for building and working with wood. He is OCD about learning everything he can from network marketing businesses, computer programming and all the in’s and outs of RV’s. Needless to say his obsession with manuals and fascination with learning has been a great benefit to us with our own Class A Motor Homes. In time he will be posting videos that will cover almost everything you need to know about RV’s, repairs, purchasing, maintenance, custom builds, and operation. (Sherry is procrastinating the need for her Air Brake Certification… but time is running out ………so pitter patter lets get at er)! Sherry was born in Calgary, Alberta. She has shown and trained Quarter horses most of her life. After starting off with Rodeo for several years. She eventually got into the AQHA, and spent years on the show circuit. She coached her daughter to qualify for the Youth Worlds in Dallas, and a handful of other students who went on to take Championship titles in BC and Western Canada. From there she moved onto breeding quality mares and transitioned into Reining. To this day she has the one last remaining gelding who heralds from over 30 years of lineage from her first professional Reining mare.

Prior to her move to the Okanagan, B.C., she was an established professional singer, writer and recording artists. She travelled the country in her tour bus, and made appearances at Music Festivals, as well as on Radio and TV. Music is a huge part of her life, so it’s not surprising that Doug made room in the coach for her Guitars, harmonicas, and flute. Doug is also an incredible drummer, although he would beg to differ on that opinion! He just needs a beat box! Instant band.

As an adult, Sherry returned to the University of Victoria and earned her degree in Social Work (B.S.W.), and worked the front lines for almost 17 years.. During this time she was also published and received awards for her writing and photography, and enjoyed some exhausting success in Tae Kwondo. She took the Gold metal in sparring for Western Canada. Currently she has sold some Limited Editions with her photography and has had her work shown at art shows, commercial businesses, and smaller galleries.

Together Doug and Sherry have made for an interesting partnership and team. Doug has dabbled in photography and is really good! A few of his pieces have sold. His work as a second shooter when they are booked for local and destination weddings or portrait shoots provides them with a a larger variety of work for clients to choose from.

The choice to RV full time will allow them the freedom to reach out to other people from all walks of life, and meet people from their social media world. Sherry will be working on a book that has been years in the planning, and they both plan to capture some amazing Photography, Testimonies and Stories to share with all of you, as they travel North America. As they are about to turn yet another Page in Their Story, it will be interesting to see where they end up.

They hope you will come along for the Journey!



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