• Comfort for Connie Arrives! -Slabs

    May 1st 2018 Good day everyone! We have been at the Slabs again for a few days, and were anxiously waiting for Monday to roll around. I am pretty proud of Doug and I for being able to keep a secret. When we rolled in on Friday, you could tell Connie was a little disheartened when she didn’t see a trailer being towed in behind the rig. Of course she …Continue Reading

  • We Sold the House!

    December 17th, 2017 After a few months on the market, our home sold in October, and the new owner took possession December 2nd. Although we knew the sale of the house would be a matter of time, it actually caught us off guard. Suddenly it was a reality, and I have to be frank and say for the record that it was an emotional roller coaster for me! In spite … Continue Reading

  • Our Introduction to RV Living

    Our Introduction to RV Living. Back in August of 2012, we left Kelowna to attend a Wedding out of town. Santana was always left in her crate when we were gone for extended periods of time, but for some reason, we decided to leave her loose in the house that day. Gizmo our little calico was also in the home. On our way back from the wedding we got a … Continue Reading

Yaquina Light House Newport Oregon

Lincoln City Oregon

Lincoln City Oregon


  1. Wanda Friesland Reply

    I finally got here. Love it. I will save this so I can find my way back.

    • Hi Bonnie McGee.. I checked the post under recent posts and the story that I see is complete? I am wondering what page you are on. If there is a mistake I need to fix it. I have written a few blogs rather fast so I also need to go back and check for the odd grammar mistake. I am using Open Office to write in, and the program is not very good at catching double words and such. I will see if I can find the glitch you are pointing out. Thanks so much for following our blog. op you have enjoyed it! Hugs

    • I am so glad you found it Wanda Friesland! Hope you and Ken are well 🙂 Thanks for joining our journey 🙂

  2. Ellen McCann-Fletcher Reply

    I meant to ask you if Santana kept her stone (rock). If so, is it with her ashes? My Coco has her toy she fell asleep on, & her little tiara on the wooden box she rests in.

    • No Ellen McMann-Fletcher….. Chicago was the one who packs a tiny rock around. Santana had a favorite ball. We were not thinking very clear when this all went down, so her ball is with us, as her her collar. She is placed in a carved box from the Red Wood forest… she will be with us forever. Sure appreciate your kindness in such a difficult time!

  3. Janice Miller Reply

    Sherry amd Doug i want to wish you all the very best on your mew journey. I know it has been marred already with the passing of Santana, but make the most of this amazing opportunity and have a blast. Please stay safe. Love you Janice xxx

    • Thanks Janice Miller. We have had a pretty rough start… At the moment we are outside of LA about 70 miles enjoying the sun. We are staying at an RV resort which is a nice change…. we needed the break from boondocking and rushing all the time. So we have a few days down with a beautiful spot for us, the lawn chairs, a pool – that only Canadians are using..lol, and if we want we can go into the casino at night and listen to all of the free bands and singers. Very nice! Hugs!!!!!!!!

  4. Kathy Horn Reply

    The pictures are absolutely awesome! I have never been there it is gorgeous! I hope you guys had a better day! Beautiful here and tomorrow gonna be sun shining and warm!

    • I am so glad you like them. We have been boon docking a lot so I need the generator running to edit files and post a lot more of the Photography I have been able to get. So glad you have sun… 95% of our trip has been snow, ice, thunder, and massive rain storms. We had a very long and slow drive today. Will be adding some good and sad posts soon…. Looking forward to getting together SONshine!

    • Thanks Diana and Ray Allen…. i need to post some updates… hope you enjoy the stories as we add to it update and such 🙂 Wihing you well this winter on the Island! Beautiful place you are parked at!

  5. Bonnie McGee Reply

    I’m so very thrilled that you all have made it this far. I know you were tests repeatedly, but you WON! I love you and I’m looking forward to your adventures.

    • Thanks Bonnie McGee… took us a month longer to get out of Canada due to ice storms and all the snow we had… So nice to be making our way to where it is warmer! Howver we did make Santa’s bucket list. The Oregon Coast. Updates and photos soon 🙂 So glad you are following… see ya one day soon?

    • Oh Bruce. How could I have not caught that. Leave it to you to find something huge missing!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks. I will post the place of where the photos are taken… that’s a no brainer…… a work in progress we are. thanks so much for visiting!

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