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  • Pit bull Attacks Little Chicago

    Feb 28 – 2018 A few days ago we took Chicago as we usually do to a local dog park. It’s really beautiful and we are impressed with the quality of fencing, how clean it is, and the fresh automatic dog bowls all over the park. Chicago has a ton ‘Continue Reading’

  • Our Russian Guest Arrived!

    Feb 22 – 2018 We have been back at the Pachenga Resort in Temecula for a few days, and we are so excited that the bid day has finally arrived. Our guest left Russia at midnight and arrived in LA at 10:30 this morning. We left to go to meet ‘Continue Reading’

  • Sad to leave the Slabs

      February 20th, 2018 Today was hard for us. We had to leave. After our morning ritual of serving coffee and attending church, we started to gather up things in the unit to leave with various people. Pastor got all the canned food, soup, toiletries and other supplies, while we ‘Continue Reading’

  • A Birthday and Mourning a Sudden Death

    Sunday Feb 18-2018 Today started like any other. People started to come to the unit shortly after 6, and the kettle was working over time to keep up with orders of coffee and tea. It was turning out to be a fun day! Pastor Dave came by and told us ‘Continue Reading’

  • Slab Pit bull Attacks Hercules

    February 16th – 2018 Today we woke up reeling from the activities that had taken place over the past 24 hours. While we were feeling safer there by the day, Yesterday we had the opportunity to witness a “burn out.” Just before church had stared, everyone was in a panic ‘Continue Reading’

  • Let There Be Food!

    February 15th – 2018 We today was a big day for us. Doug started the morning off with serving coffee and tea. Although no one ever asked us for a thing….it was becoming a morning ritual to gather at our unit to start off the day. At 6 in the ‘Continue Reading’

  • Change of Plans – Connie

    Feb 14 – 2018 Today we poured our coffee, let Chicago out on her leash, and stepped out into the dust, thinking we were saying goodbye to the Slabs. It was so peaceful in the morning once the sun started to crack over the horizon. As I stood there taking ‘Continue Reading’

  • Day 2 – Learning About the Slabs

    Feb 13th – 2018 This morning was interesting. We were totally exhausted from watching flashlights all night floating in and around the desert shrubs by our unit. When daylight hit, it seemed more peaceful. A lot of people in the Slabs who are not out enjoying community events or looking ‘Continue Reading’

  • Welcome to Slab City!

    Feb 12th – 2018 Today we came down from Palm Springs and headed to the Slabs. Just prior to reaching Niland, we just had to pull over and visit the Salton Sea. It’s hard to believe that in the desert is an actual sea, but it’s there, and as much ‘Continue Reading’

  • Urgent Miracle needed! “Comfort for Connie” in Slab City USA

    Introduction to Life in the Slabs Feb 21 – 2018 For this post I am going to share with you a story that has deeply touched my heart, to the point that I feel compelled to reach out and seek your help. I will back track at a later date ‘Continue Reading’

  • Letter from Carson and Ann Woods – Headed to the Slabs

    We serve such an amazing God 🙌. Please meet our new friends Doug and Sherry Lacey Here’s a little story about how God put us together. Carson called me Tuesday afternoon from work to see if I wanted to go to Pechanga RV for a few days. I knew I ‘Continue Reading’

  • Getting Prepared for Slab City!

    Sunday February 11-2018 Yesterday we left Temecula, and made our way to Palm Springs. We had been invited to meet Ann and Carson a their church. It provided us with the chance to talk to Pastor Josh and his wife about the realities of life in the slabs. Carrie as ‘Continue Reading’

  • Thrilled to be Messengers for MaryAlice

    Feburary 9th, 2018 When we were L.A. MaryAlice gave us a generous financial gift that was truly from the heart. We figured we would be able to provide meals for over 150 people. She and her husband have been helping the homeless and those in need for many years. She told ‘Continue Reading’

  • Time Out

    Feb 1st – 2018 We left LA and drove about 70 miles South. We decided to take a break from all of the boon-docking we have been doing so we opted to stay at the Pachanga Resort and Casino.It’s voted number the number one Casino in North America. Usually we ‘Continue Reading’


    Jan 30 – 2018 Today we hopped in the jeep and drove around L.A. so I could see what all the fuss was about. One thing I did want to see was Rodeo Drive. We parked and took Chicago for a walk as my jaw hit the ground with each ‘Continue Reading’

  • Perfect Birthday MaryAlice!

    Jan 28th – 2018 Our day began when they took  us to Signal Hill which overlooks the city below. The one think that shocked me the most is that the million dollar homes leading up the hill had oil rigs in their back yards. Never thought I would see that! ‘Continue Reading’

  • Welcome to L.A.

    Sat Jan 27th. After pulling out of Hollister we took the #46 to Fresno and ended up on the #5 to L.A. There were some interesting sights along the way, but perhaps the most impressive was the highway. Awesome! There was very little traffic, and it was four lanes of ‘Continue Reading’

  • Meeting FB Friends in Hollister!

    Jan 25th 2018 Well we finally made it back to spend time with Kathleen Manthey and her husband Ron. They invited us over to their house, and quite frankly it was perfect! We had met two years or so prior when we came through so it was like time had ‘Continue Reading’

  • San Francisco – District 6

    Tuesday Jan 23-2018 Back in the summer when Doug and I decided to sell the house, and start traveling in our RV to help people, I had done a bit of research on the San Francisco Area. It was there that I leaned about District 6. Apparently there are over ‘Continue Reading’

  • Santa Rosa – After the Fire

    Monday Jan 22-2018 Today we left the Red Fox Casino in Laytonville, and started to make our way to San Francisco. I was so exited to start seeing vineyards, spectacular farm land and of course Palm Trees! Finally our luck with rain might change as we make our way deeper ‘Continue Reading’

  • Our Journey continues: Elaine McReynolds Hebert “Walked On…”

    Jan 21-2017 As we pulled out of Crescent City this morning to make our way down the 101, We were once again pounded with the tears of yet another storm. Our drive was slow as we made our way through the twisted narrow roads that we lined with the most ‘Continue Reading’

  • Here Comes the Sun!

    Jan 20-2018 Today is our last day in Crescent City, California…..and you’ll never guess what has happened. The sun came out!!!! I am in shock. Yesterday we toured a few roads along the coast, saw the light house, the marina and a few other things along the coast that I ‘Continue Reading’

  • Trying to Forgive

    Friday Jan 19 Today we pick up Santana and bring her back home to continue our journey with us. We have been hating the the vets for days now… BUT…he was the same vet who did the marvelous operation on her leg when no one else knew what it was. ‘Continue Reading’

  • A Gentle Reminder

    Thursday Jan 18-2017 For two days we have sat in a dark motor home.. we have not eaten, and we can not sleep. I am positive between the two of us, we have had enough coffee to sink the Titanic again. And rain!!!! Its been thundering and pouring so bad ‘Continue Reading’

  • Santana Walks On

    Tuesday Jan 16-2018 It has been quite a while since I have been able to make a post.   🙁 Today we left Florance, and started back down the 101. The dogs needed a run so we pulled over in Port Orford and found a place to park the coach by ‘Continue Reading’

  • Santana’s Bucket List – Check!

    Jan 15th – 2017 After a year and a half or prayers, we had been blessed to get Santana to the Oregon Coast. She had the time of her life, and Chicago is just as wild about the ocean as she is. I am happy we had one day there ‘Continue Reading’

  • Camera’s Ready! – Ocean Here We Come.

    Jan 13-2017 Lincoln City Today we woke up to a refreshing sight. Sunshine and blue skies! Now that is my chocolate! Coming from Kelowna, we are use to cloud cover and grey skies through out the winter. It’s a downer, but it does ensure that we don’t get massive cold ‘Continue Reading’

  • Santana’s Bucket List Wish!

    Jan 12-18 Getting to the Chinook Winds Casino was a short trip. However, the drive was beautiful! The road was lined with massive trees, and some must have had 6 inches of moss on every crooked and twisted limb. We pulled into the RV parking area and as we stepped ‘Continue Reading’

  • We Danced !

    Jan 12-2017 Our intentions were to head to Medford Oregon to spend time with Jennifer, a friend I have never met in person from FB. Turned out she was not going to be home for a few days but she was a wealth of information. Knowing that I had a ‘Continue Reading’

  • Welcome to the USA- Traffic!

    Jan 11-2017 After a lot of debate today decided to head out and cross into the States. We have been here for almost a month, and have been though weeks of freezing rain, snow and an ice storm. We had purchased a huge amount of data so we could work ‘Continue Reading’

  • Ice and More Ice!!!!

    Dec 31-2017 On Dec 29th, we got hit with a big ice storm! For three days we had no power. Some units in the park that had no generators had to run their big trucks day and night to keep batteries charged so they had heat.It was really quite an ‘Continue Reading’

  • Christmas Day

    Dec 25th 2017 In spite of the changes in our living conditions and location, Christmas came as it always does, and it was beautiful! The RV park was covered in a blanket of snow, and many of the RV’s here had put up lights and decorations. When I got up, ‘Continue Reading’

  • The Christmas Invitation

    Dec 23 – 1017 Today we were invited to attend a Christmas party in Vancouver with two friends we had met while camping in Okotoks, Alberta this past summer. Theresa and Jon made us feel so welcome, and it didn’t take long to fall in love with their friends and ‘Continue Reading’

  • Christmas Angels

    Dec 22 – 2017 Today is my son’s Birthday, and also the anniversary of my mothers funeral. We still have snow, and its really damp and cold out. I am feeling blue 🙁  So we decided to load up the dogs, and went into Langley to get a few groceries ‘Continue Reading’

  • Feeling Home Sick

    Dec 20th – 2017 When we made the choice to sell out and go RVing full time, I knew there would be some difficult times when I would miss the house and home. Today is one of those days. The closer we get to Christmas, the more I am thinking ‘Continue Reading’

  • Just Shoot Me!

    Dec 18th 2017 As you can guess I am not a happy camper. We decided to wait here for a few weeks, but the one thing I did not expect was snow. Are ya kidding me? They have three feet of it back home, and we got nailed here pretty ‘Continue Reading’

  • New Beginnings

     Dec 3rd, 2017 We had planned on leaving yesterday, but in the midst of getting everything ready we realized we had no had time to say goodbye to my daughter and grandchildren. So yesterday, we parked at Doug’s brothers house, took the jeep and headed to Vernon to have some ‘Continue Reading’