Dec 22 – 2017

Today is my son’s Birthday, and also the anniversary of my mothers funeral. We still have snow, and its really damp and cold out. I am feeling blue 🙁  So we decided to load up the dogs, and went into Langley to get a few groceries and take the dogs to a great park we found on line.

We were coming out of Home Depot, when a woman approached Doug for some change. I could tell she was not high, and she genuinely looked so cold and tired. Doug checked his pockets and didn’t have any change so he opened his wallet and handed her a bill. She fell to her knees and started to cry. After a few hugs we started to walk away, when we turned back and asked if she would be our guest for lunch. She was stunned, and shyly asked if her gentleman friend could join us. We found a place for lunch and waited to order. Several people behind us that made rude comments about our guests and left, and staff didn’t seem to impressed that we had brought then in.

For the next hour or more, we got to know Claire and Tony. She must have been in her late 50’s, and Tony was 61. They shared their life stories with us, and their faith in God in spite of their current circumstances. Claire has cancer, and Tony lost his job up north. He has had no luck finding work anywhere. Although they had so very little, their hearts were loving and beautiful.

They slept behind dumpsters because the shelters in the area made them feel homeless. The 22 nightly beds for the entire area were mats on a hard floor, and they were not permitted to take in their carts for safe keeping. More often then not, most of their belongings were stolen, or the shelter had a mat for one, but not both of them. Never thought of it that way!

As we parted ways, they prayed that our journey would be safe and fruitful. Instead of helping two lost souls today, we met two angels who touched our hearts and reminded us why we had begun this journey. We will be holding them both in our prayers. Thank you Tony and Claire for touching our hearts.

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  1. Oh Sherry that story was so beautiful teared my eyes, you never know they mite have been angels that God sent . Can’t find the rite words .

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