Dec 25th 2017

In spite of the changes in our living conditions and location, Christmas came as it always does, and it was beautiful! The RV park was covered in a blanket of snow, and many of the RV’s here had put up lights and decorations.

When I got up, Doug had Christmas carols playing on the stereo, and a good cup of hot coffee made. We had wrapped up a couple of gifts for Santana and Chicago, and of course Santana was in heaven. She knows what a Christmas present is, and tore into the packages to get at the goodies tucked in layers of coloured paper. Chicago on the other hand was more interested in the paper. She had no idea how to open her gift, so Santana was the official paper shredder! It was fun to watch 🙂

We put on our winter cloths and had a great time playing with the dogs in the snow. In spite of the blues I had been feeling, it was enough to talk to family on the phone. We just enjoyed being together. A few good Christmas shows on the PVR made the day even more perfect and relaxing.

The Lord has blessed us with many things, and we were reminded that the greatest gift of all was His Son. We spent a lot of time that day talking about where we may end up, and the excitement of meeting new friends and places returned.

From our RV to your homes. We wish you all a very wonderful Christmas, and send hope that the New Year will bless you all with happiness, successes, family and good health.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Bonnie McGee Reply

    For some reason, when I went to the bottom of this bog, this is first story I can find. I know that you started before now though so how can i find the missing stories?

    • Sherry Reply

      Hi Bonnie McGee.. I checked the post under recent posts and the story that I see is complete? I am wondering what page you are on. If there is a mistake I need to fix it. I have written a few blogs rather fast so I also need to go back and check for the odd grammar mistake. I am using Open Office to write in, and the program is not very good at catching double words and such. I will see if I can find the glitch you are pointing out. Thanks so much for following our blog. op you have enjoyed it! Hugs

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