Dec 31-2017

On Dec 29th, we got hit with a big ice storm! For three days we had no power. Some units in the park that had no generators had to run their big trucks day and night to keep batteries charged so they had heat.It was really quite an experience. Our unit backs into trees that are well over 100 feet tall, and all night or during the day, you could hear ice smashing on top of the coach. Rather frightful for some of us here. Trees were down all over the place, power lines were down, and there were no stores or gas stations open to get supplies or fuel.

The first couple of days we hunkered down and had the generator going full time to keep everything running. Thank goodness we had just had a truck deliver a full tank of propane. On day three, we finally had power, I grabbed my camera gear and we headed out to take photo’s. FINALLY! It was breath taking!

I have not had the chance to get into my files and start editing a lot of the shots we caught, but I will put them up in a gallery for you to see latter on. In the mean time, I have enclosed a few I really liked so you can get an idea of how beautiful in was in spite of the mess it created! It was so nice to pull out the gear, and head out looking for those beautiful little gems you catch through a camera lens! I can’t wait to get more 🙂

We have ordered heart medication for Santana that has to be shipped from Kelowna because they have a 3-4 month back order at every pharmacy here. Once it arrives and this ice is gone, we will be on our way. Given the cold front that seems to have settled in here for some time to come, we will have to make some changes to the route we had originally planned.

We will keep you updated here on the blog as to where we are and where we are headed. I hope a lot my FB friends will keep in touch and let us know if we are in their area so we can get together and meet.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR…. and we are looking forward to meeting many of you soon.



  1. Bonnie McGee Reply

    Well this is the second time that I read this and it still amazes me. The shots are stunningly gorgeous. I can not imagine how scary it much have been to be inside while that ice chunks crashed on the RV.

    • Sherry Reply

      Oh Bonnie McGee it was something…. the size of the trees that came down…. massive areas where the trees were flat under the weight of ice. One unit across from us had a massive branch come down behind him that the whole part could hear in the middle of the night. Good think it did not hit him….. wow the damage would have been bad. It was a new experience.. one that I think I can manage not to go through again.. lol

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