Dec 18th 2017

As you can guess I am not a happy camper. We decided to wait here for a few weeks, but the one thing I did not expect was snow. Are ya kidding me? They have three feet of it back home, and we got nailed here pretty good. According to the weather reports we are going in for some nasty cold spells for the next couple of weeks.

So much for all the blue sky and green grass! Our intentions were to enjoy the mild weather for a bit, let the fires in California settle down, and work on the blog before we started our trip into the States. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

Even if we wanted to head out now, we couldn’t. Along with the snow there has been rain, and we have ice built up on the awnings and slides. Lesson number one…. head south while the getting is good. Oh to be in Arizona wearing shorts right now!

Santana and Chicago are actually loving it when we take them out to run. They have their winter coats on, and we have had to dig out winter boots. When we left, I really thought we were leaving winter behind us. I guess for a while, we will be hanging out in the unit and staying warm.

Yeah! Not!!!!


  1. Sherry Reply

    Awesome! Ill be caught up from my journals soon… tons of stories, video and photography on the way. We seen and been through some incredible things! 🙂

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