Dec 3rd, 2017

We had planned on leaving yesterday, but in the midst of getting everything ready we realized we had no had time to say goodbye to my daughter and grandchildren. So yesterday, we parked at Doug’s brothers house, took the jeep and headed to Vernon to have some much needed family time. It was great to see everyone! It’s hard to believe how fast the kids are growing. We have promised the boys that when we come back to Kelowna, we will take them out for a few days and go camping somewhere neat. I’m looking forward to that, and know I am going to missing everyone. We may not get together to often but it’s a comfort to know they are only an hour away.

Dec 3rd, we woke up to SNOW! The one thing I had dreaded the most, was having to cross the Coquihalla in winter conditions. The further we climbed up the mountain pass the worse it got. Thank the good Lord we did not hit any white out conditions or ice.

We arrived without incident at Eagle Wind RV Park in Aldergrove, and were happy to call it a night. Tomorrow we have to back track 30 miles to Chilliwack to meet up with a technician who is going to set up our satellite.

After that we will keep an eye on all of the fires currently burning in California. There are many FB friends we are hoping to meet along the West Coast. We will keep you all in our prayers and hope the weather brings our USA friends a lot of rain. Stay safe!

Cheers 🙂

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