Jan 12-2017

Our intentions were to head to Medford Oregon to spend time with Jennifer, a friend I have never met in person from FB. Turned out she was not going to be home for a few days but she was a wealth of information. Knowing that I had a bucket list wish for Santana, she had us back track slightly so we could hit Lincoln City on the 101.

Today we drove for about ten hours and managed to make it about 280 miles. Yeah for us 🙂 We pulled over and stayed at the Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde Oregon. They have complimentary RV parking as well. It was getting dark so we thought rather then trying to find a place to park the rig, we would head out in the morning and drive the final 31 miles to the ocean. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I knew Santana was gonna be one very happy girl.

We went into Spirit Mountain that night, and I can attest to the immaculate service! We opted for a second time since leaving home to eat out, and the buffet was awesome sauce! Lets not forget all of the beautiful Art work and lighting inside! Photo opp. All I can say is wow!!! 🙂

Call it stress release, but we also discovered another thing. There is enough room in the RV to dance! We cranked the tunes and had a blast! Even Santana and Chicago got involved, pinging all over the place and wrestling with us and each other. I think Chicago must have thought we lost our minds. Laughter is GOOD medicine. We needed a night like that. Crazy old hippies! Knight Rider is a party house on wheels. 🙂



  1. Bonnie McGee Reply

    My only comment on this is I wish you had videoed your dancing. How fun that would have been.

    Oh I do have a 2nd comment. You are too young to be and “old” hippie. 🙂

    • Sherry Reply

      Yes we should have…. no one was in the rv parking… music cranked and dogs flying all over the unit…. oh how we laughed! As for the old Hippie…. well ya I think I am… I wear many hats hehehehehehe

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