Thursday Jan 18-2017

For two days we have sat in a dark motor home.. we have not eaten, and we can not sleep. I am positive between the two of us, we have had enough coffee to sink the Titanic again. And rain!!!! Its been thundering and pouring so bad then when you step out of the unit into 4-6” of water! I am not happy needless to say.

Doug thought we should do the right thing, and hop in the jeep and go pay the vet bill. I admit I had no desire to do so. I didn’t think it was right for him to go in alone…so I went, and again I confess…. I slipped a coat on, put my messy hair in a pony tail and wore my Pj’s. I could care less what anyone thought. I was dreading tomorrow. Santana would be ready to bring home and we had booked Chicago in for a check up to make sure she was not harboring the same issue as Santana had.

After Doug paid the bill… we stopped at McDonalds for a coffee. I was really cold and storming outside. Did I mention rain? While Doug was ordering I spotted a man outside in a hoodie holding a sign that said “I’m Hungry”. I motioned for Doug to look and suggested we get him a coffee and something to eat. Not knowing how he took his coffee… I went outside and asked him if he would like something hot to drink. He said he didn’t drink coffee but would sure appreciate a hot chocolate.

Doug headed back to the jeep, and I walked over to where this sad soul sat, trying to hold the cardboard sign over his face to keep from being pelted with the wind and rain. I handed him a meal and a cup of hot chocolate.

We talked for a bit. I could tell he was really sick and had some mental health issues as well. His name was Benny. When I put my hand on his leg to offer some comfort… I was shocked. His upper thigh was probably about 3 inches across. His cloths were soaked. We chatted for a few minutes. Talking I could tell made him uncomfortable and eye contact was hard for him. I did learn that he was trying to get to Portland Oregon. Why, I have no idea. I just wanted to get back to the jeep and home to crawl into our dark motor home, and forget the world was still happening.

Where was I. Oh yeah. Sorry. We got back to the unit… more thunder, heavier rains… what’s new huh? We hunkered inside, and again sat in the dark, beat ourselves up for not getting more opinions for Santana and for the most part, simply trying to breath.

Sometime during the remainder of the day.. my thoughts went back to Benny. I really wasn’t in any mood to consider that God was trying to tell us something. However, there was a stirring in my heart. “Remember why you are here………..” I did pray for him… we both did.   Then we turned on the PVR, and stared through the screen lost in our own thoughts, regrets and sadness. In the back of my mind for the next couple of days I would see flashes of poor Benny sitting outside in a storm looking for someone to give him some food.

In a very TINY and Dark place in my heart… was a soft and Gentle Reminder.  There were more Benny’s out there waiting…………………..



  1. Bonnie McGee Reply

    This made me cry. You touched Benny’s heart and soul. You gave him warmth even for a moment and food to nourish his body. Gd is blessing you for blessing him.

    • Sherry Reply

      Even in times of deep sorrow…. we may get a gentle nudge to remind us that there are things still to do, and although we grieve we can still be used to help someone else out. It is good for the soul. I have thought about Benny often and wonder if he made it to Portand. Funny how easy I forget names but so far I can remember ever detail of everyone we have been able to help on some way. He was not a well man 🙁

    • Sherry Reply

      Thanks Jean Wruck…. She sure loved you and Ted. Chicago will be with us when we get there later this year. She is growing up fast and has a basket of kisses just for the two of you 🙂 Love ya both….Sis and Bro in law 🙂 See ya down the road!

  2. Sharon Estep Reply

    Sometimes when our hearts are heavy God adds another lesson to distract us. HE knows your pain, but HE knows knows what you can give. Even in darkness you have love.
    Love to you both.

    • Sherry Reply

      Thanks Sharon Estep! Your words are very true! Even in our darkest moments we have been able to share some love that has meant a great deal to some lonely people. There is a candle burning bright in the darkness 🙂

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