Friday Jan 19

Today we pick up Santana and bring her back home to continue our journey with us. We have been hating the the vets for days now… BUT…he was the same vet who did the marvelous operation on her leg when no one else knew what it was.

So in time I NEED to forgive a mistake that he will be heart broken to hear when i send him the xrays, vet report and let him now how much she suffered… he is a good man. the best in his field when it comes to leg surgeries. The cardiologist who came in and did the ultra sound on her heart to confirm what he thought…. is the one who should have known better. In time I will forgive him too. They would never knowingly let a animal “walk on” the way Santana did……. I actually feel bad for them.

They will still get a kind but very graphic letter so this may not happen to someone else….. right now we are still in the would have could have should have…….. thought today might be easier but its even worse……… with that said…. we have all made terrible mistakes…. and I can not write a public review full of hate on their web page like I was going to do the first day…. we must forgive.

The good Lord says if we can not forgive our fellow man, how can HE forgive us. It will be a process.  Thanks so much for your support. I can not begin to let all of you know how the many many many comments and prayers (100’s) on FB have touched our hearts. I wish I had it in me to thank you all personally, but I just can not do that today. Doug and I read all of your comments…. they make us cry… but we feel so loved. You ALL ROCK!!!!!!

May God bless each and everyone of you for your compassion and love. I feel so blessed to have SO MANY on here that are sincere, honest and beautiful friends! Going to go shower and get ready to go. I opened all the windows and blinds this morning for the first time in days to let some light in. We have still been sitting in the the dark… while torrents of rain and wind pound the motor home since we arrived. 🙁

Perhaps before our vet appointment in which Chicago will have the same xray done to make sure she is not at risk, I will take my camera gear out and get some shots of the beautiful lighthouse here, and the huge crab boats that are in the docks waiting for the government to give them the go ahead to go fishing. It’s really quite a sight. We have a break in the rain so this is my one chance. It Might make me feel better for a minute or so.

Nah change of plans… its pouring again. We will simply go and get her. Since we have an hour to waste we might take a short drive and check out possible sights to photograph tomorrow. Can you believe they say it is not going to rain tomorrow….. that’s like maybe the fifth day since we left our home in Kelowna???? Come on now. Seriously, whats with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR!

Just shoot me 🙁
Nah don’t really do that… it’s just a saying.

Cheers and much appreciation to all of our family and friends on FB.

Hugs from Doug and I and of course little Chicago.


  1. Bonnie McGee Reply

    You have a huge heart and you and Doug will both forgive. No one ever said that our lives here on Earth would be easy did they? The rain is part of what Oregon is all about isn’t it?

    • Sherry Reply

      It sure is Bonnie Mcgee…. although very beautiful it can be cold. Glad we made it there for Santana though 🙂 And you are so right… life can be hard… but there are always thigs to be thankful for!

  2. It does hurt and will for a while. BUT you asked God to let her see the ocean and chase waves one more time. That needs to be your focus.

    • Sherry Reply

      Thanks Cathy.. you know what we have been through.. it was really terrible… BUT our prayers were answered and she did make Oregon. We are grateful for that, and stunned she “walked on…” the very day we left Oregon. It’s haunting really.. but a blessing non the less. Love ya sis.

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