Jan 21-2017

As we pulled out of Crescent City this morning to make our way down the 101, We were once again pounded with the tears of yet another storm. Our drive was slow as we made our way through the twisted narrow roads that we lined with the most spectacular Redwoods.

Eventually we hit Humbolt Lagoons Park. On the left side of the highway we saw massive herds of Elk laying in groups in the tall grass trying to shelter their heads and bodies from the howling wind and rain. A few hundred feet up the highway we stopped in a pull out and sat there watching the biggest waves I have ever seen rise and fall miles from shore before smashing into the sands. I wanted to try and photograph it, so Doug turned a bread back inside out to protect my camera for the rain, and I pressed against the wind to make it to the beach and catch a few pictures. I’m not to sure how they turned out, but I sure didn’t last too long out there. The rain was coming down so hard it felt like I was being smacked from every direction with hail. When I saw the small birds who were trying to take cover under drift wood blowing like ping pong balls across the ground, I had had enough. Back inside! Yuck!!

As we Continued down the highway, my cell rang. It was the first time we had had service for a few hours. On the other end of the call was a man with a think Louisiana accent. “Miss Sherry…. I have been trying to reach you all day. I wanted to tell you that my beautiful wife passed away early this morning.”

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through out the day Terry and I talked several times, and then I spoke with him the following day and asked if I could send a letter to be read at her funeral on Janurary 24th. Rather than getting into all the tears and the lengthy story, I will share with you the letter I sent to Terry that he had read at the service. It’s one I think honored Elaine, our friendship, her love for many of you, and her love for the Lord.

Elaine McReynolds Hebert – Jan 24-2018

Some think people who meet on social media, or on Facebook are in fact not “real” friends. These people are thought to be illusions of real people that fill a void in our lives with meaningless and false relationships. I am writing to tell those of you who may think that this is true…… that it is in fact… for the most part fictitious!

I met Elaine several years ago on Facebook in a game called Gardens of Time. She met many fantastic people there. People she cared about, came to love, prayed for, and shared her unique style of sensitive and vibrant love for those going through difficult times. She was an incredible friend to many, and in return she was very much loved and will deeply missed. Many in the world of Social Media who never had a chance to meet her are grieving as deeply as many of you are today.

Elaine and I have been very close for many years. My deep love and friendship with Elaine developed quickly. We just clicked. Two peas in a pod. We shared similar backgrounds, sense of humour and a deep unwavering love for Jesus Christ!

Elaine was there for me when I lost my mother, and she was our greatest cheerleader when my husband and I went through some difficult losses and struggles. We talked on the phone 4-6 times a week, and sometimes for hours. I knew my friend deeply, and I loved her.

When she told me she had cancer and took sick last year, she was tenacious. She knew that God would ultimately take her home when it was in HIS timing, but she fought though everything she struggled with. She was an inspiration to everyone she knew. We prayed so many times together, and she remained strong in her faith and determination to fight to the bitter end. A battle, I actually thought she would win.

My husband and I are from Canada. We were on our way to Louisiana in our RV to finally meet in person. We were both so anxious and excited! I was finally going to be able to hug my sister! Then Terry called. I had just finishing reading her comments that she had put on my blog a couple of hours before she “walked on.” I was stunned, and still am.

Before we left Canada, a package arrived. Among some many personal items, Elaine sent me that beautiful head scarf she wore when she first lost her hair. I have it with me. She has a picture of my horse and I, along with a piece of my photography I gave her last Christmas. Terry tells me she has these by her bed along with a photo of George Strait. I am so touched!

A few days ago she was joking that her hair was starting to grow in, and she was not use to it being dark. She laughed and said she was going to have some fun, and go to the hairdresser and have it coloured pink or purple. She found the rainbow in the darkest of storms.

In closing I know with out a doubt that she would want me to share this with you. Elaine was a Christian… A child of God. She’d want me to tell you this.

Please, open your hearts if you have not done so all ready, and give your life to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Elaine was saved by grace through her faith in Christ. I know with out hesitation that she would want each and every one of her loved ones to find the narrow path that leads you to eternal live with God. Jesus… is that path! She loved so deeply. Her greatest wish would be for you to find the free gift of salvation. She is God’s child, in His garden, waiting for each of us. With that said I will leave you with my prayers and heart felt sympathies from her many many friends who could not be here today”.

I pray that in this time of loss,
You’ll feel God’s love much more
And that you’ll find your comfort
In the presence of the Lord
I pray God pours upon you,
His sweet amazing grace
And overflow your heart with peace
As you live in His embrace.

God bless you all. She loved you to the moon and back Terry. We can not wait to meet you.

One final word. Today is my Birthday Elaine.… How beautiful! R.I.P.

You might have met Santana by now. She can give you a kiss for me!

Sherry Lacey – Kelowna BC Canada

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  1. Shannon Chambers Reply

    Elaine was a very special person. She had wisdom beyond her years. Terry and everyone who loved her are in my prayers

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