Jan 25th 2018

Well we finally made it back to spend time with Kathleen Manthey and her husband Ron. They invited us over to their house, and quite frankly it was perfect! We had met two years or so prior when we came through so it was like time had not come between us, and we picked up where we left of. Great conversation, stories that made us laugh so hard and a friendship that goes beyond what some people think you can have with people from Social Media.

We had the most relaxing afternoon! Coffee was great, but it was being with friends that helped us feel grounded for a day. WE had no worries, no where to rush off too…. it sort of felt like home. Then again, when it’s Kathleen, how can anyone not feel at home with her!!!!!!!!!!

Later that night we went to the 19th Hole Steak house just outside of Hollister. Ron said the population there was about 100 people, but that country feed lot was ..hmmm…. amazing is not a good enough word! The walls were lined with rodeo pictures and I just felt like I was really home. Cowboys, country music and BBQ STEAK! Are ya kidding me 🙂 HEAVEN on earth. And the country side is breath taking!!!!!!

We will be thinking of you both as we continue on, and hope that somewhere down the road you guys can hop a plan and we can spend a few days together in Vegas, Yuma, Texas, Florida…where ever. Better yet, get and RV and we can travel together. You show us your country and we can show ya ours. Come on… I know ya wanna 🙂 Don’t focus on all the troubles we have had Ron…lol…. Seriously it gets better 🙂

Love ya both to the moon and back…. hugs x’s 1,000,000,000 See ya again. 🙂

(We stayed at the RV Resort one more day so I could spend 15 hours trying to update our blog. Obviously we had been off to a rough start, and for some time I just could not bring myself to blog. I know you all understand. But I think we are back on Track! We are heading to L.A. tomorrow to see another friend from Face Book. We have been friends for about 10 years and have never met. Again, I can hardly wait. From there we head off into the desert and a few places I think you will find jaw dropping! We will be headed into an area where they say is not for the faint of heart. Again, we feel this is where we are needed for what ever reason. Keep looking for updates).

Stay well, be happy, encouraged and healthy!

Sherry, Doug and Santana.

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  1. Kathleen Manthey Reply

    Thank you both so much for “stopping in”!! We loved spending time with you; talking, laughing and just visiting! (Never did get that “embarrassing moment” though! Next time! LOL) I’m so glad you were happy with your dinner. I had my meal again for lunch. Such big portions! Anyway, we love you guys too and wish you SAFE & HAPPY TRAVELS!! I’ll be following along, the whole way!

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