Jan 30 – 2018

Today we hopped in the jeep and drove around L.A. so I could see what all the fuss was about. One thing I did want to see was Rodeo Drive. We parked and took Chicago for a walk as my jaw hit the ground with each shop we passed! 

I just have to tell you this one . There were security guards with guns, as with most of the shops…. but this store was about 1500 sq feet, and I bet that brick and mortar would have cost a few million to set up. Here is the kicker…. in the entire store… were three staff in tuxedos (along with the guards), and eight stand pedestals with museum boxes on top. Inside of each was one single watch! So 8 watches. That’s it. That’s all.  Really?

Another thing we found really strange was that people were terrified of poor little Chicago in her service vest. I am serious! It’s like we were walking with a cougar on a leash.

Pish Posh….. so Chicago does not fit in a purse and can wear little dresses!  I am laughing now, but was not then. 😉 They were kind of cute.  Just a pure culture shock. 

From there we drove around Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and some communities up in the hills for the extremely rich and famous. In one yard… there must have been about 12 cars ranging from Jaguars, Maserati’s, Limos and high end sport cars. To make the sight even more interesting, was the man in a suit out in the hot sun giving them a good polish. Well I saw enough of Beverly Hills and a few other areas to really understand that there are just some people who have too much money. Sure it’s nice to have nice things. But gosh… how much do you really need?

Ok…I admit that I would live in one of the homes we saw as long as I didn’t have to clean it, pay property taxes, gardeners, security guards and utilities. Bet some or most even have private cooks! Hmmmmm,  now that would not be so bad. But it would wear off pretty quick. Give me a small piece of land, a great cabin near a river, my horse, small community barn dances and a fire pit. Now that’s living rich! Right now I am happy with the Doug and Chicago, the BBQ, and  Carmel and Cheese cake sticks from Del Mar. Hehehehehehhe 🙂

To end our day, we were both sort of taken back by the differences in how people live. The core of L.A. is pretty high end. For the most part it does not seem like many people who  live there go without much. Then a mile or so away, the masses of poor and homeless begin to appear  everywhere.

I am glad we took the time to take a cruise around town in spite of the fact that it took us almost two hours to go 27 miles at 3:00 in the afternoon. Did I mention the traffic? In a short time today, we both learned a lot. At least I did 🙂

We will be heading out in the next day or so and headed a little further South. We have a quick business meeting and want to take a break from boon-docking for a bit and see if we can finds a pool, pull out the lawn chairs, enjoy some sun, get some laundry done and chill before out next adventure 😉







    • Sherry Reply

      I suppose everyone has their own opinion as to how much is enough… but eight watches in an entire store..wonder how much they cost ? lol Wealth is measured by how you live your life and the people you love right?

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