We serve such an amazing God 🙌. Please meet our new friends Doug and Sherry Lacey Here’s a little story about how God put us together. Carson called me Tuesday afternoon from work to see if I wanted to go to Pechanga RV for a few days. I knew I had doctor appointments Wednesday and just didn’t think it was a good idea but I called to see if they had any spots available and they did but we would have to move everyday. That just didn’t sound like fun so I called carson and told him I think we just need to “plan” it for another time. On top of that I didn’t want to go to sleep doctor down in Palm Springs drive back up the hill to go back down to drive to Temecula. Anyway after a few conversations we decided I’d just go down in the Jeep then meet carson with the motorhome and hook up down by the freeway. So I called Pechanga back and low and behold someone had cancelled and they had a spot so we would not have to move!!!! Thursday afternoon we met Doug and Sherry at the pool and I knew instantly God was doing something. We chatted for awhile, they are from Canada and Christians who sold everything and are going across the country serving the homeless and war vets and anyone God leads them to. They told us they were going out to slab cily and that’s when I knew this was a God story! Slab Cily is very dear to our hearts as our church Hosanna City had just done an outreach there in December. So I immediately called Carrie, Pastor Josh’s wife and started asking questions for Sherry and Doug. Carrie put them in touch with the Pastor that lives out at the slabs and some valuable info. Shared with them the needs of the people and children. The kicker of this story is Doug and Sherry were not suppose to be at Pechanga. They had an appointment that had cancelled that left them at Pechanga wondering what God was doing. It was a disappointment at best. We went to Pechanga out of nowhere…..God totally put this entire thing together. Doug and Sherry joined us at church this morning. It was an amazing message of Jonah and Nineveh. They will be going to Slab City tomorrow for the next week ( their Nineveh) Please keep them in your prayers. Also, my message to you is slow down a little look and listen to what God is doing in your life. Don’t miss any opportunity God puts in your path, He has a plan for each one of us. Maybe not anything you ever expected, never imagined! To God be all the glory and praise. Thank you for reading our story. I hope it encourages you in some way. It has been a huge encouragement to me. God is real and He wants to be involved in your life. Allow Him in, ask Him to revel Himself to you and He will. Be blessed ❤️

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