Feburary 9th, 2018 When we were L.A. MaryAlice gave us a generous financial gift that was truly from the heart. We figured we would be able to provide meals for over 150 people. She and her husband have been helping the homeless and those in need for many years. She told us that it was difficult for them to get to the people who had needs, and wanted to be a part of, and an extension of our Ministry.

Doug and I felt very blessed to be the hands she trusted to deliver her message of love to others. We were not sure where or how we would use this gift, until we ended up staying at the Pechanga RV Resort in Temecula, California.

We had intended on leaving in the middle of the week to drive back to LA and purchase discount camping pass. The seller had called us and said we needed to be there before Monday as she would be leaving for Washington. So off we went, and booked back into the resort, and put off our plans to be in Slab City by the weekend. Then we got a discouraging call. The seller had changed her mind and was not longer going to sell her RV membership. Needless to say, I was a tad upset.

Why is it every time we make plans to to something, something happens, and our plans fall apart or we end up some where we had not planned!

The good Lord did not leave us hanging long to reveal HIS plan. Later that day we decided to go for a swim, and it was there that we met Ann and Carson. We shared that we had plans to head into Slab City, and it quickly became clear why we had been delayed!

Ann and Carson are very familiar with the Slabs. In fact the church they attend in Cathedral City goes in to help the people who live there from time to time. It turns out the Pastor’s wife Carrie, is a child of the Slabs. She and her sisters grew up there before social services went in and provided them with a healthy home. On top of all of the valuable information they shared, we learned that there is a Pastor who lives in the Slabs, and they got on the phone and put us in touch with him.

Without the change of plans, we would have never met Ann and Carson. We would not have known about Pastor Dave who lives there, and we would not be aware of the dire needs of some of the residents of the Slabs. In fact, we learned there are 30 to 40 Children living there. When we heard that, we knew who we would be reaching out to when we went in.

Doug and I checked in With MaryAlice to see if that is where she would like her gift to go, and then we jumped in the jeep the next day and spent hours hunting down gifts and treasures for the children. We had so much fun!!!

It is exceptionally important to us to make sure that when people gift and ask us to help others on their behalf, that they know exactly where every dime went, and to show that it went to the people who need it.

So here it is…. a massive gift of the heart that will bless up to 40 Children, as well as the parents and a few others as well!

Armed with the information we had from Ann and Carson, we were able to purchase the following for MaryAlice.

  • 72 granola bars

  • 26 cans of fruit, vegetables and beans – and about 60 soup packages

  • 48 Cheese Sticks

  • 12 boxes of tooth paste

  • 28 tooth brushes

  • 29 pairs of shoes

  • 27 baseball hats

  • 8 pairs of children’s sunglasses

  • 30 boxes of raisins

  • 12 jars of coffee

  • 9 cans of coffee creamer

  • 70 bottles of water

  • 43 hair bands and hair ties for the little girls

  • and 84 candy treats.

On top of this we thought we would try and get all of the children and their parents to come to our rig, and we will do a BBQ. We were also able to get the condiments, dishes, cups, cheese, 72 hot dogs, and 12 jugs of root beer and cream soda 🙂 We thought a BBG for the families with children would be so much fun!

We would like to extend our thanks to MaryAlice for her amazing gift and feel very honoured to be able to give so much more than we would have been able to do on our own.

We are headed off to Cathedral City tomorrow, and will attend the Hosanna City Church with Ann and Carson. There we will get the chance to meet with Carrie to make sure we know where to go, and what to expect. What a fantastic week this has been! The hearts of those we have met have touched us deeply.

Thank you MaryAlice…. Many will be blessed because of you 🙂


  1. Amazing the path we walk & where it’s final destination takes us !
    That’s one bar-b-q I would have loved to attend. I appreciate how the
    Small adventures in life lead us to experience genuine love. May the rest
    Of your journey be as insightful.

    Warmest Regards,

    • Sherry Reply

      Thanks Kath! What we find so interesting is that often we think we know which road we will be taking or where we plan a destination only to learn that we are led somewhere we did not even know existed! It has truly been an adventure! I am so glad you are following us and have been a great encouragement for us as well! Love ya girl…. Sherry

  2. Sharon Estep Reply

    Dear Sherry and Doug, What a blessing our God is making of you! Stay in His Light.
    I feel blessed to know you . You are in my prayers.

    • Sherry Reply

      Hi Sharon Estep! I can not begin to express how fortunate we are to have such as wonderful friend as you! You are such a blessing to us and we appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow we head into the Slabs. 🙂 We feel a little more prepared and know we have an army at our backs. Love ya hon

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