February 15th – 2018

We today was a big day for us. Doug started the morning off with serving coffee and tea. Although no one ever asked us for a thing….it was becoming a morning ritual to gather at our unit to start off the day. At 6 in the morning, I had gone around our unit and waved towards Connie’s trailer. I swear she was sitting there waiting, because she popped out all dressed in bright colours and beat everyone by an hour for our morning chat and coffee. As people gathered, we wanted to surprise them with something a little different.

This morning between handing out coffee and tea, Doug and I were cooking up a big breakfast. We served eggs, toast, sausage, fruit cups and orange juice. It was a great way to start the morning, and we were even able to invite a couple of people passing if they wanted to join us. Our little group was growing.

After Church, Andrew helped us, and we ran over to the Range with bags of hot-dogs, buns, the BBQ, plates, glasses, cheese, condiments, plates, cups, root-beer and cream soda. We also had fruit snacks, granola bars, and candy. We had no idea how may people would turn up. In fact I thought the turn out would be poor and told Doug that we didn’t need everything he had planned on dragging over.

Andrew is a clean freak! Thank goodness for his help. He brought over buckets and rags and started to wash down all the counters and the prep space we would need to get orders together. By the time the BBQ was fired up, we had a mass of people gathering from everywhere in the Slabs! I so wanted to grab a few shots, so Nicolas took my phone and got a few for us so we could show you how many people showed up.

Doug did the BBQ, I was set to give out drinks and snacks, while Andrew worked behind me to put together orders as they came in. People thought it was so cool that they had a choice of what they wanted to drink, what they wanted on their hot dogs, and that when they got their plates they were also loaded with potato chips, granola bars, candy and fruit sticks.

Everyone was fantastic, with the exception of one man. He was a tweeker, and tried to give me a hard time about his order for a drink. When he told be what he wanted with his hot dog, he went on to say….”and I’ll have a root-beer, but not like the way you are cheeping out with all the foam you are giving everyone else!” I told him we were trying to make sure there was enough pop to go around and because I was pouring so fast, they had some foam in the cups. He went on to complain in a rather nasty tone that the cups should be full to the top. Then he went on to spit out that we were taking to long to get his order.

Well…. if ya knew me… ya would know that I wasn’t going to let that one go by. I told him that he was sure picky, and if he didn’t stop complaining, …..“God would smack him upside the head for being so rude.” I was laughing but he wasn’t and said he would jump across the counter and smack me upside the head. I squared off and said…. “ Go ahead and try. I have a huge ARMY behind my back!” I glared at him for a moment and he looked around at all of the people staring at him, and quietly walked a way muttering a “thank you” after he picked up his plate. (whew….. thank you lord) Hehehehehehehe. 🙂

When all was said and done, we fed almost 80 people! Not to mention those who got seconds 🙂 (and yes, Doug had to run back for more food).

Now I have to mention this – Most everyone that came had to ask us WHY were were doing what we were. After we told them, they wanted to know what Church was supporting us. When we told them we were on our own, they were shocked and thought that was so awesome! When we went on to explain that everything they were getting was on behalf a FB friend (MaryAlice), and a couple we had met in a swimming pool in Temecula (Ann and Carson), they were dumb founded! We got so many high fives, and left there knowing we had earned the respect of many in the Slabs. Everyone had such a wonderful time. Instead of someone coming in and giving them a serving of food, they said they felt like they were actually at a cafe because they got to choose what they wanted to eat and drink. Now that was cool!

Later that afternoon I did interviews on video with Pastor Dave, and wrote down a few other testimonies that people wanted to share. I can’t wait to get all of the video’s posted that we are gathering! 

Doug had Nicolas and his brother Sean over to the unit and made popcorn and watched a couple of shows we had recorded on the PVR.

While I spent time with Connie… who came to the BBQ by the way…. Doug made a late afternoon run into town and picked up a big bag of dog food for Nicolas’s puppy, Zoe.

We also got to meet Janet From Another Planet, and her husband George who is a War Vet. Oh the stories he told! Tomorrow he said he will give me a video interview to share on the blog. He is one awesome guy! His heart and his smile could melt a polar ice cap. Love, love, love, the two of them!

Before Connie called it a night we had another cup of coffee, and I gave her a gift. She was near tears when I gathered up her hair and hooked a silver pendent around her neck and she put on a matching clasp bracelet. I told her the story of how I would NEVER take off the one I wear on my right wrist because my daughter gave it to me when she was in grade five. It has never ever been removed. Not even for surgery! She told me, that we would never take off hers. I believe she never will.

As darkness came once again, we found ourselves out in the desert once again, our ears ringing with the silence, and watching tracer fire and the lights from military drones over head. The stars were brilliant and beautiful.

Interesting enough, there were no flashlights floating in the black tonight. I guess they are waiting for their checks to come in so they can buy more Meth. At least that’s what we were told.

Tonight we feel at peace. I can not explain it……… Night. xoxo


  1. Bonnie McGee Reply

    Good for you for standing up to that man. I wish I could have been there and helped y’all serve that lovely meal. HOW FANTASTIC!

    • Sherry Reply

      Lol…sometimes my mouth goes fast than my thoughts. 😉 He thought better of starting anything when everyone there became silent and stared at him for giving me a hard time……. I was just having fun… hope he enjoyed his meal and had a better day – Sherry

  2. Love the turn out for the B-B-Q, goodwill goes a long way. Human compassion makes memories♡♡♡
    Food for thought, (for the tweakers)…it takes 2 years for the brains SERATONIN levels to return to normal after using Meth!, can cause serious depression, medical attention should be sought by a
    Qualified addiction specialist. Keep the Faith


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