Feb 22 โ€“ 2018

We have been back at the Pachenga Resort in Temecula for a few days, and we are so excited that the bid day has finally arrived. Our guest left Russia at midnight and arrived in LA at 10:30 this morning. We left to go to meet her, and bring her back home with us to see if she likes RV living. Oh the anticipation!

We drove to Merritta and waked up anxiously into the back yard where Zitana Vital Screen was waiting to meet us. There was so much commotion going on the back yard that it took us a minute to spot her. She was BEAUTIFUL! Are ya ready?

We know this would come as quite a shock to some people that we would get another Doberman so soon after loosing Santana. We hadn’t planned on it being this soon quiet frankly. Our thoughts were that when we lost Santana, as we knew we would, we would apply to get on a breeders wait list and maybe be fortunate enough to get a puppy a year down the road.

After Santana passed, I was going through some breeders ads, when I stumbled on one that claimed they were importing pups from Belarus who had been genetically tested for generations to make sure the pups did not carry the health issues we had faced with Santana. I never wanted to go through that again. These are her parents below.

On a whim, I wrote to Jess and told her our story. Flat out. We didn’t have a house, we RV’d full time, but we had a lot to offer. I also shared that we had just recently lost our 6 year old and were completely devastated. My main concern was Chicago. She had not taken Santana’s passing well, and had become over protective, unsure of people and exceptionally sad. I was afraid that if we didn’t do something sooner rather than later that we could have a problem dog on our hands. She was still a pup herself and not prepared by any means to take on such a grown up role. Other breeders and trainers told us that if we were even thinking of getting a second dog, then it would best to get one as soon as possible to help take the burden Chicago felt to be so protective of us and the RV. She was one a little happy tail. Now she remained serious, guarded and was becoming a bit unpredictable.

So Jess got my information, and she and her husband combed though my Face book page to get to know more about us. Then we got the call a couple of weeks ago that there was a few female pups we could choose from that would be arriving in late February. I was thrilled to have the chance to have such a fine show dog, and even more thrilled when Jess lowered the purchase price because she knew our circumstances and her and her husband felt our lifestyle was doberman heaven!

Enter Journey ! We are now a family of four again, and there is a lot of activity in our unit once again.

You all know we name our dogs after bands for the 70’s or 80’s. Chicago got her name because the band brings back so many memories our our teen years. Santana had been named after Carlos Santana and his band. When we were researching the band Santana, we learned that the Keyboard player who was very talented, left Santana and started a new band. Journey.

Now how awesome is that. We lost Santana……and boy we sure grieve her to this day…….. but little Journey has stepped in and will continue on in Santana’s memory.

Down the road I will show her for the fun of it. She has a fantastic pedigree and is one of the finest dogs I have ever owned. I use to show, so it will be fun to have something to side track us once in a while from all of the work and serious side to our travels. Doug is going to show Chicago in agility.

So there ya have it! In spite of what people may say, we did what was best for us. We love little Journey, and I am sure once I get over the house training, we will be that much happier. She is sharp, smart, and has a ton of attitude. Almost like Santana did. Bossy little thing ๐Ÿ™‚

We have a ton of video to load….so if you like puppies, keep an eye out for them. I am sure there will be lots!

Oh Joy!!


  1. HI I’m disappointed don’t you remember I named Chicago

    • Sherry Reply

      No Bruce. ๐Ÿ™‚ we didn’e forget, and yes it was you who came up with the name. we loved it…… hard to fit all the details into a blog when you are trying to write several so you are current and up to date. we love ya bro… looking forward to seeing you soon. stay well ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bundle of Joy, precious cargo !.. I’m seeing something in her eye’s, can not pinpoint it.
    Keep me updated. Journey welcome home. โ™กโ™กโ™ก

    • Sherry Reply

      Thank Kath! We sure lover her to bits. We will be adding a lot of fun video so people can watch her grow and see all of the silly things she does with Chicago. We have our own You Tube Channel now, so I hope we can fill it with some really fun and interesting content. Love that you are following our blog. Thanks so much. Chat soon k?

  3. Ellen McCann-Fletcher Reply

    Journey & her ears– love how high they stand up when held.

    • Sherry Reply

      Hi Ellen! Yes they are really going to be beautiful when they are standing on their own. Maybe another month of posting. She is a cutie!

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