March 16th 2018

It’s been a difficult week or so, here in Yuma. A few days ago, we went into Los Algodones, Mexico, and booked all of our dental appointments for Doug and I, as well as for my dad’s wife Maxine. They flew in from BC because her dental was estimated to be so much cheaper here.

It’s the time of year when snowbirds flock into the area. So Mexico is filled with thousands of people from all over for dental, prescriptions, eye glasses and medical treatment. We have never been here when the snowbirds take over the city, and it sure is something to see the masses of people wandering the streets of a relatively small and quiet town at any other time of year. The first day Doug and I went in, we got our appointments, and then had our eye exams and ordered new glasses. By the time we got to the border crossing around 1:00 pm. We had to wait about 2 1/5 hours just to get back into the USA. Wow! And it’s extremely hot!

I was dreading having to have a back wisdom tooth pulled but it turned out to be fairly good. I had my teeth cleaned and walked away free of cavities or any further work needed. Doug on the other hand was another story.

A few years ago we had been down as we usually do for dental, and Doug had a post (implant) put in and although he didn’t tell me, it had been giving him some trouble over the last year. When they went in to check it, we learned that it had been deeply infected and had it had actually rotted out the surrounding bone in his jaw. The dentist, upon seeing this, called for an emergency surgeon, who was there with in minutes to start cutting out the infected jaw bone, and performing major bone grafts. OUCH!

What we thought was going to be a good ten days or so of fun and rest, turned out to be a lot of time spent in bed. The medication they had given him to rid his body of toxins had made him terribly sick. On occasion, we did get the chance to go to some of the resort events that were organized by a wonderful group of people at the Foothills Resort… some of which had been coming here for close to 30 years. I went to a Bingo night, we attended a park potluck for a short time, and we even went to their Karaoke night, which turned out to be a lot of fun! Such a fantastic, easy going group of people. We shall be back next year just to see them all again.

Dad and Maxine flew in to Phoenix, and took a rental care to get here. The hotel we had booked for them turned out to be a flea bag mold infested sewer hole, so they spent several hours trying to find a hotel room with a vacancy. This time of year, it’s difficult to find anything.

Maxine had a lot of dental work. I think in total she had three implants, a few crowns, a cleaning and some work done on one tooth. She was such a trooper! Most people wouldn’t sit long enough for one implant, but she had most of her work done in one day! Super Woman 🙂

Our dental experience ended with Doug returning to get a root canal. As with all things Doug and Sherry, this proved to be yet another painful and horrible experience. In spite of at least a dozen needles, they could not numb the area they needed work on, and he once again had a large infection in that area. So they told him there was no other way for them to get at it, and asked him to hold on tight as they ground the top away and then inserted the freezing right into the root. In Doug’s words…… never will he ever have anything like that done again. So once again, more pain meds and more medication to get rid of toxins which made him all the more sick.

Yup.. Yuma was a great rest stop for us. With the meds we were not allowed to be in the sun, no exercise of any kind, no coffee no smokes… (no we still have not kicked that terrible habit)…..and the worst part… no swimming pool! Are ya kidding me????? In my famous words. Just shoot me. Doug shared the same sentiment!

Before Dad and Maxine headed back to Canada, we did have some time to catch up on each others stories, and it was so awesome to have some time with Dad. The more time we actually spent talking, the more home sick I got for my kids, grand kids, friends and my horse, Peanut.

Part of me is troubled. When we arrive back home, what will it be like knowing we do not have a house to go to. I mean really. This nomadic lifestyle has kept us super busy, and until you stop to chill a bit, you don’t have much time to think of what life will feel like a few months down the road. Anyhow, we shall cross that bridge we come to it.

Before they headed home we did manage to get a bit of shopping done in Mexico. I picked up a few summer dresses, the guys got some funky hats, and I got a few little gifts for Connie back in the Slabs. Believe it or not, I even talked Doug into a hair cut and a shave, and then will wonders ever cease… I got him to buy and wear a few Harley muscle shirts! (His scruffy beard served him well at the slabs…. I must admit).

I love to barter with the sellers in Mexico. At the height of tourist season they may ask $45 for a dress, and I will get it for about $12.00 Maxine got some lovely silver bracelets for a great price as well.

If anyone is wondering what dental of medical treatment might be like in Mexico, I will as I have always done…. tell you to go to Los Algodones ! FOR SURE!!!!!! Most of those dentists were trained at Harvard, their surgeons are fantastic and the quality of work is equivalent or better that what you would get in the USA and Canada. We met a guy who came from Poland and had every tooth in his head taken out under anesthesia…. and left two days later with temporary teeth until he returned in about 8 months for permanent’s. Between Doug and I we have saved thousands over the past few years, and we are super happy with the quality of work and care we have received.

Even if you do not need eye glasses or dental…it is worth it to come and see all of the beautiful art, paintings, sculptures, clothing and metal work! Don’t forget the food. 🙂 If you have a mind for a cold fantastic strawberry Margarita, you would be hard pressed to find anything better than here! Maybe come when all the snow birds have left. It gets really hot here, but the lines are really quick to cross off-season, and you get better rates. I like to come in May or June and between September and October.

On a side note, I think Doug and I have covered just about every lemon lot, used RV dealership and private listing here and in the surrounding area. To date, we have still not found a home for Connie. ( See post – titled “Comfort for Connie.” Not a day goes by that we are not doing everything in our power to find something old and clean that is in our budget. Continued prayers that we should find the perfect place for her would be appreciated).

Sherry and Doug


  1. Sounds like a productive trip, excluding the pain
    Doug experienced, poor man. Wish I could travel to Mexico to have dental done! ❤❤❤

    • Sherry Reply

      Hi Kath! So you are on top of the fact that I am finally tying to update the blog. So much to catch up on but I am getting there. And yes, Doug was a very sick ,am after all of his dental work was done. He had so much infection that the medication and pain killers he had to take made him unable to leave the couch. Anyhow, we are very glad we got there and he was taken care of. Thanks for following us, and I hope you enjoy some of the stories on the way! Cheers and be well. Chat soon.

  2. Sherry, well written and a good read!! Looking forward to our Yuma and Los Algodonous visit end of January. Great photos too!!

    • Sherry Reply

      Hi Dad! I am working hard to get caught up. Thank you for your support and kind words. We are looking forward to seeing you as well! This time Doug will not be sick on medication, and we can enjoy the food and drink of Mexico, not to mention the events at the resort. So many people for you to meet, and they are all so wonderful! The pool and hot tub will be a daily must! God Bless ya both and see ya soon.

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