March 18thst, 2018

Since we posted our news that Chicago had been attacked by a pit bull and needed extensive surgery, the offers of help to cover the cost of our vet expenses, have been overwhelming.

Chicago will need a specialist to perform two separate procedures while she is under anaesthetic. One will be the removal of a lower fang that is broken, and the second will be a partial amputation of her tail. The latter is a serious procedure and is one that can have some terrible consequences if not done right. Her recovery is just as critical. If we do not take exceptional care, then our poor girl could possibly end up with spinal issues that can not be fixed.

Naturally, we are worried. Dr Gill, from Vail Ranch Vet Hospital in Temecula, California will perform the two procedures on March 23rd. Between his schedule and some of our obligations, that was the best we could do. The delay will have no impact on the outcome of her surgery.

As soon as we posted our pending circumstances….. the offers for help came pouring in. I am ashamed, that I graciously declined. It felt like charity! We are the ones helping….. or suppose to. Why would we accept help from other people? It just didn’t feel right.

Then a voice of calm and peaceful reasoning came forward. A very dear friend from Facebook called and told me that she had been chatting with some of our common friends. She was a tad shocked that I was having trouble accepting some of the generous offers my sweet and wonderful friends had made to help with the medical bills. She said something that really stung me actually. Well, two things.

First she said…… what gives you the right to deny your friends the opportunity to bless you personally as a way to say thank you for all that you do. You are robbing them of having the chance to give.

Second she said…. if nothing else…. let your friends do this in honour of Santana. Santana was not just your dog. She belonged to a lot of people who followed her journey……. prayed for her, cried, worried, celebrated her milestones….. and were finally deeply saddened when she passed in Oregon. Let them now help little Chicago.

Well what do you say to that. I actually cried. Thus, Bonnie Megee Rentz, started a Go Fund Me Page and started to work with others to raise money to help with the vet bill we would get at the end of the month. Keep in mind… Bonnie and I have never personally met. Nor have any others who messaged their offers of help.

Thus I make my argument again. A lot of friends you make on Face Book are REAL FRIENDS! We have built relationships. Prayed for each other. Been cheerleaders or a shoulder someone needs when things go sideways. We cry together and we laugh together. Finally, we deeply care and we support each other in any way we can. We may not always agree with each other on every topic…. but we ARE friends! And I love them from the bottom of my heart.

Over the past few weeks, we had some things to take care of, and then we made plans to return to Temecula, Where Dr Gill from Vail Vet Clinic would do the sensitive surgery.  We are not looking forward to it. I am sure if little Chicago understood what was about to happen she would be on the next bus back to Canada. Poor thingAs this Go Fund Me Page makes it’s rounds, I want to thank everyone who is able or does help from the bottom of my heart. We are greatly blessed. When Chicago feels better, she will send you lots of huge wet slobbery kisses as well.

We were recently back in Slab City to take another dog back to a vet for his ten day check up after being attacked by a pit as well. I spoke about Hercules in an earlier post.  I guess what goes around comes around!  🙂

From there we headed to Los Algodones, Mexico for some much needed Dental work. We were pleased to have our dental taken care of, had a wonderful visit with my dad and Maxine, and spent time with our Mexican family. Now we are dreading our return to Temecula soon for Chicago’s surgery.

Once again, we send our deepest appreciation to all of our cyber friends who contributed to the expenses we were about to get hit with for Chicago. I am almost at a loss of words to describe my deepest gratitude to all of you who gave so selfishly to give us a hand. May God Bless all of you!

We will update you soon on Chicago’s recovery.

Cheers for now!

Sherry, Doug, Chicago and Journey.

P.S. Santana would also of liked to thank you all for your compassion and love. I know she has seen your kindness towards her little pal!

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