March 28th -2018

This has been an eventful week, and I feel we have accomplished a lot! We made it back to the Pechanga Rv park in Temecula, and got Chicago up to DR. Gill to have her blood work done before her surgery. We also think we have found a unit in San Diego that is great for George and Janet so they drove down to go and look at it with Doug. They stayed in the over flow behind the Casino and park, so they were close by.


On the 23rd, Chicago went in for surgery. To tell you I was comfortable with it, would be an outright lie. I was extremely nervous. A tail amputation and removal of a bottom fang is a tough go for any dog. We were also told it was risky, so we know we have a lot of after care, providing the amputation goes without a glitch. (Wish I could catch the owner of that pit-bull).

Dr. Gills office called us in the afternoon to let us know that the operation had gone well, and we could pick her up around closing time. What a relief that was πŸ˜‰ We could hardly wait to see her. Doug went and picked her up, and brought her home with the cone of shame, and a baggy with the fang they had pulled. I could not believe how big it was! Now came the tough part of keeping Journey away from her, and to keep Chicago quiet for the next few weeks so she would heal faster. It was sad to see her tail. It was so short! Of course where she had been shaved, the band-aids and purple stitches did not make things look any more pleasant. Poor girl!Β  The red on this fang was what was in her jaw! OUCH!

While Chicago was resting, Journey was outside playing.



The following day, Doug took George into San Diego to look at the Winnebago we had found. It’s a Class A, so it has a back bedroom with a walk around queen bed, it has a rocker, couch, kitchen booth and a ton of storage! To top everything off…. everything worked. It even had two air conditioners and had no water damage. Everything inside was in tip tops shape with the exception of a small area where the floor could use repairs. Furniture and mechanics were aces! We thought we had found a gem, and it turns out that George thought so too! Bonus…. it was in their price range πŸ™‚ BINGO! ONE UNIT DOWN….One to go. Finally. Now we just have to find one for Connie…. and trust me… we look every day and have put on hundreds and hundreds of miles in our search. πŸ™

Doug and George went back to San Diego, filled out all the paper work and brought the baby back to Temecula. Janet was so happy! For the next couple of days they spent their time doing laundry, and scrubbing their new home. Janet called us after they spent their first night in the unit to tell us how happy George was to have a real bed! Within no time at all they had that unit looking like home. Cupboards were filled, cloths hung in the closets, and the basement storage became home to all of their belongings. It was perfect!

Tomorrow we will head back to the Slabs. George will drive the bye bye house….. as they have fondly named it, I will drive the new unit, and Doug will take our rig. They have decided that they want to pass on the bye bye house to Andrew who lives in the Slabs without an RV to live in. Such generosity! I’m sure he will be pretty excited when they bless him with the keys. If he works at it, he can make the mechanical repairs to get it on the road with time and some work, or he can simply use it for a home for himself, Zero and Hercules.

Its so cool to be a part of something that can bless more than one person. George and Janet are pretty excited to give it to Andrew. Paying it forward!!! I can hardly wait to see Connie again, but am sad that we have not been able to find her a 5th wheel as of yet. Time is running out.

Easter is quickly approaching. It will be really nice to spend it with our friends in the Slabs.

Cheers for now,

Sherry, Doug, Chicago and JourneyΒ  πŸ™‚

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