April 2, 2018

Last night I suppose was our time to wind down a bit and have some fun. For the first time after dark, Connie, Andrew, Doug and I were sitting outside, and decided to crank up the tunes in the RV. We opened all of the windows so we could hear the music better, and decided we were going to have out own little party!

Out came the fancy drinks that we had bought in Mexico and such. Baha Rosa’s, Strawberry Maragritas and something a little more normal for the men. Connie had never tried these fancy smooth drinks and she loved them! Oh I almost forgot, we also had a couple of shots of Rumchada! My new found favourite after a fellow Rver poured us a drink one night. Now don’t get me wrong, we were not out to loose our heads, just to relax, have some fun, a few giggles and listen to some great tunes!

We had so many laughs that night. Andrew went on and on that Bob Segar was now a real musician, and how people in Whales thought he was a joke. Well that went over well. We found our beloved Bob Segar cd’s and cranked them. Oh the bantering and laughing. At one point Connie and I even got up and danced in the desert. She knew the words to all the classic Rock and oldies and was having the time of her life. I am sure a few creamy fruit flavoured drinks didn’t hurt either!

After a couple of hours of roaring at Connie and Andrews antics, a sneaky and wonderful idea crossed out minds as we peered into the night towards Janet and George’s new RV sitting in the dark. It was probably 1:00 in the morning.

Doug went into the unit, and came out with arms fulls of toilet paper!! My gosh we were killing ourselves laughing. “We can’t waist toilet paper…” I said. Doug assured me it was RV toilet paper I didn’t like because it felt like sand paper. And so the plotting began! Giggles and all.

At first Connie said there was no way she was going to help us toilet paper George and Janet’s rig. After much debate, I convinced her she was going to take part in something fun and childish.

As we creeped over towards their rig, I had to keep hushing Connie from laughing! When we finally got there, we started winding paper all over the windshield and down the side. When we got to the back, Andrew peered around to the other side to see George sitting outside in his lawn chair. RATS! Was that going to stop us…. not a chance. Connie went around the back with a roll of paper in her hand and George saw her. All she could do was stand there and giggle like a grade school girl. Caught red handed! Thank goodness for Andrew because he started talking to George so I could wave Connie back and the rest of us could continue covering their unit in butt wipe streamers. 🙂

When we were finally done we headed back to our camp and awaited Andrew’s return. When he appeared through the darkness he was laughing so hard! Apparently after their talk, George stood up and yawned, and said he was off to bed. The kicker was when he said…. “I’ll clean up all the toilet paper in the morning. Like Andrew said, I guess you can not sneak up on a war vet!

We stayed out a bit longer, only to see Janet come out of her unit with a flashlight and walk around to our side to see the ribbons of TP drapped all over their rig. The four of us just laughed ourselves silly! We had a great time! By 2:00 a.m it was time to call it a night. Andrew and Connie made their way home and we went to bed. What a fantastic night. I think all four of us needed a night of belly laughs 🙂

US Marshall’s Come Calling

The next morning Doug went outside while I was getting dressed. Chicago was on the front seat barking her head off and I couldn’t figure out what all the commotion was about.

So I went to the front of the unit where the screen door was open, and there were four US Marshalls standing there with their hands on their guns. They asked if I would please step out of the unit.

To be very serious, the first thing I thought as I made my way down the stairs was… “Darn you George, it was only toilet paper!!!!”

But they did not come to speak to me about toilet paper. Once I was outside and they saw Chicago was not going to come out the door, they took their hands off their guns and introduced themselves. Then she asked if I had been at Prom Night, to which I said yes. Then they showed me a mug shot, and went on to inform me that they were looking for some Drug Lord who had committed a brutal murder. They believed he was in the Slabs. Man! What next???

I told them who we were, and when they found out we had video taped all night at the prom they wanted us to go through our files and see if we could spot someone who looked like the man in the photograph.

30-year-old Andre’Jeru Bernard Bigby was wanted out of Virginia Beach, Virg. for the homicide of 19-year-old Jayln Harris.  The shooting death occurred on February 13.

Yeah. For the next couple of days all we saw were Black SUV’s and swarms of US Marshalls and police everywhere.

Apparently there were two others they were looking for who had been charged with murder. Bonnie and Clyde. They had caught Bonnie in the Haven or something, but were still looking for Clyde.

Does it get any better than this? I mean who could make up this up!!!!!

The Marshall had given us his cell….. so Doug combed through our video and send them several screen shots of a man well over 6 feet that had caught everyone’s attention as he danced the night away by himself in a backless red silk dress. Again.. you can’t make this stuff up! I had a lot of video because he wore that dress better than any fashion model on any runway I had ever seen. And the way he twirled around that dance floor was mesmerizing. I had a lot of video of him!

All I can say is……………wow. Are ya kidding me?

Sherry, Doug, Journey and Chicago.


  1. Well all one can say is ” Never a dull moment”
    Takes from the Slabs! to be continued, makes for
    Interesting reading.

    Keep the Faith, and “Dance on! ” lol.

    • Sherry Reply

      Hi Kath… no there is never a dull moment out there. Ya think it might be a quiet day, then something happens. 🙂 This place is not for everyone, that’s for sure. But when you find your place and build relationships with people you not only learn a lot, but you learn a lot about yourself and the lives some people either choose to live, or attempt to run away from and hide. Very interesting indeed! Thanks for reading our blog. Stay well and we will keep in touch! I love ya girl xoxoxo

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