April – 2018

Here we are back in Temecula. I wish we had a longer stay every time we pop in. They are so wildly popular that most spaces are booked a year in advance. So we usually have to keep moving around every few days so they can accommodate us. The main attraction is the Casino of course. It’s been voted the best in North America. I personally don’t get it. Vegas has Casino’s that are eye popping. Nothing really special here aside from size and the fabulous famous musicians they attract. Steven Tyler was here a while ago but we couldn’t get tickets.

We took Chicago and Journey back to Dr Gill, and the partial amputation of her tail healing is going wonderful ! Good news for a change. He checked her eye again, and gave us another brand of drops with an anti inflammatory. Her lens is clear but he feels blowing sand may have been a culprit. He took a quick peek at Journey and was pleased with what his colleague in San Diego had done with her ears. With time, they will heal nice, but there is concern that one ear may never stand. I have hope!

Oh and here was a wonderful surprise. When we went to pay our bill, we had a credit. I later found out that Catherine and Fred (Virginia), from Facebook sent some money to Vail Ranch Vet, help us out in Honour of Santana. How precious and thoughtful. We send our deepest heart felt hugs to the two of you. Santana would lick your whole face if she were here. Journey and Chicago got a bag of treats with what was left over…. so they thank you too!

While we were here of course all we did was drive drive drive. We must find a unit for Connie. Between Janet on her phone and us on the computer I think we have scoured half of California. It’s either too much, or sounds like a typical scam.

We made a day trip back to San Diego so they could check on Journey and tape her ears again. We just wanted a triple check before we headed back to the Slabs.

When we pulled back in, as usually it was as if Connie as sitting there staring out the window waiting to see our unit crest the hill. Today was no different that any others. Out she popped before we had even pulled off the road with the most beautiful grin. We pulled into “our spot” and set up. We’re back!

This time we came bearing gifts! I had purchased a beautiful poncho for Connie that looked like a coat of many colours. She loved it. Next, i gave her a bag I found there that was perfect for her. She never goes anywhere without this old purse with broken zippers that barely holds her important papers, water and such. She was very happy. I love to find little treasures for her because she just loves them so much. It didn’t take long for people passing by to tell her they wanted that colourful poncho. To an outsider you would think she was strutting around wearing millions in diamonds.

Anyhow, nice to be “home.”

On that note a friend of mine from Facebook, sent me a comment that Doug and I should not return. She said we were living in a trailer like they were and she was worried we were turning into one of them….. Slabbers. Gosh what do you say to something like that. I know it came from a place of concern, but when you step outside of your comfort zone and make friends…those people no matter how poor or where they live become like family. We are SUPPOSE to be here. There is a reason, and I think that HE has made that very clear. So for anyone who thinks we are taking great risks or foolish…. please keep in mind that God has our backs.

Each time we return, we meet more people, we gain more trust and of course respect. And that is one of the reasons why we have had so much success out here. I have seen people who would never talk to people actually sit at our camp and get along. Something good is happening. Can’t wait to see how this all ties together.

For now we will enjoy our friends, make meals, serve coffee, go to church every morning with Pastor Dave. I love the way he teaches. I just avoid Joel. 😉 I try to spend as much time with Pastor as possible. We get into some very interesting conversations.

I will also try to grab you some more photos.

Did I mention how hot it is here? We are chasing shade every hour or two. It’s like musical lawn chairs! I set out a thermometer and it sort of blew up when the mercury hit about 52 Celsius. This is in fact the hottest place on earth. With clear skies, the sand and ZERO humidity… it feels like 150! How they manage in the summer……….I’d never make it without a ton of solar and A/C.

Cheers everyone!

Sherry, Doug, Chicago and Journey.


  1. Wanda Friesland Reply

    God always has a reason, and love and excepting others is at the top of the list.

    • Sherry Reply

      Yes Wanda He does… never thought He would lead us to the Slabs! We have been very fortunate to be as well received as we have been… it’s not for everone! Thanks for following our posts! Love ya girl, hi to Ken from us.

  2. Greetings from Ontario~~Friday , December 14th

    Love Connies poncho! . Who ever you stated told you to not come back cause you live in a trailer and have become like them, not on boy, if he doing a circle change of friends! No one needs negative, judgemental types in their lives…..moving on. Sounds like a adventure, always fruitful. Keep the Faith…. ❤❤

    • Sherry Reply

      Hi Kath! There are a lot of people who can not wrap their heads around us being in the Slabs, little own calling it home when we go south. I understand because really it’s not a place for everyone. It can be a frightening places, and there are some bad dudes there. But their are people who are fantastic. They have fallen on serious hard times or are completely messed up. Our time there affords us the chance to encourage, love and spend time with them. In fact, we receive much more back from them that we could possibly give. Connie really did like that Pancho. I had previously given her a pendent and a silver squeeze bracelet like the one I wear. She has never taken it off. And to anyone who thinks we are turning into trailer trash…. well they do not walk in our shoes and maybe live in a bubble. Most, are just worried, and that’s ok with us! Love to all, and thanks for following our blog. I look forward to your comments. We will make it across Canada and finally meet. Maybe next year!!!

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