April 6th, 2018

Today we pulled back into Yuma, for a bit of a break. Actually Doug had to go into Mexico anyhow, to get the glasses he had purchased repaired. After being in the desert heat, although it felt a tad selfish, I was really looking forward to the pool. We have also made many friends who snowbird there, and we missed them! We have found another home at the Foothill Rv Park.

After we had parked, Doug let the slides out, and wouldn’t you know it… the bed came off the wall!

No he was not impressed. We already had to call a company to come out and repair our windshield as it was rattled loose on the front corner. It seems every time you turn around there is something to fix. The way they had attached the bed to the wall was really bad on Monico. Doug fashioned solid metal mounting brackets and in no time had it working again.

On our last visit here we had heard fire engines around five in the morning, and when we made our coffee rounds we discovered that there had been an arson fire to some ones RV at the end of our row. How they made it out alive with their two dogs, I will never know. The community came together and made sure they had everything they needed until they settled with insurance. Hmmmmmm. Bet that takes a while. Anyhow, the unit is still sitting there marked off with yellow tape right now, and someone gave them a place to live until they can get theirs replaced. See, fires do not just happen in the Slabs…. this was deliberate and very dangerous. I hope they catch them.

We enjoyed a couple of days at the pool and visiting with our new friends there as many began to make arrangements to head back home. Our highlight of course was getting back into Mexico!

We absolutely love it there. We have been going there for years so we know our way around and are surprised to run into street vendors we have not seen in a couple of years and they still remember our names.

The best part was visiting with Alex and Tim. We even popped up to Dr Lopaz’s office to visit with Omar who still lives there.

This was probably my final trip into Mexico so we made time to take Alex for lunch, and barter with my friend from whom I had been buying dresses and ponchos off during our previous visits.

I even went and picked up a silver bracelet for Spyder’s daughter with whom I have grown quite fond of. She is about 11 years old, and lives with her folks in Slabs, at the air B&B they run. I know she will treasure it and perhaps help her to remember me when we return next year. I love all the work they sell in Mexico. They have just about everything you can imagine, and some are real artists!

It seemed that our time there was going to give allow us to just relax and rest.

Wrong! The ear that the previous Vet in Indio said was fine after a Pit Bull grabbed it and tore it. It was not looking good at all. I took some pics and sent them to Dr. Gill In Temecula and asked for his opinion. He told us he was not the one to help, but pointed us to a specific surgeon in San Diego. When I told them the story and sent photos through, they made arrangements to see her the following day and perform emergency surgery to save that one ear. Darn it anyhow!!!!

So off we went to San Diego. Poor poor Journey! She has had a rough go the little precious soul 🙁

The vet looked her over, and showed us where there was in fact a tear that was hidden and was now infected. It had to be fixed which meant a total re-crop of both ears so they would look the same. It had to be done. So we left Journey in his capable hands, and spent the day driving around San Diego while we waited to pick her up later that evening.

Oh blast, I was sooooooo mad. I was mad that I never told the person who owned this Pit what had happened because I was afraid to hurt his feelings. Mind you at the time time I thought the bit had just torn out a couple of stitches I thought it would heal. Even the vet we saw in Indio thought it was good to go. This new vet, said our previous advice came from a moron who shouldn’t have a license to practice.

To this day, I have not told my friend his dog is responsible. I guess I will have to tell him that he will have to keep this dog away from us and our girls. Stupid him, and stupid me. From this moment on… I will probably never let another pit or pit cross near our girls I am now forever jaded, and I am sorry if that offends some people. But it’s my dog, our vet bills…. so to any reprisal, I say suck it up butter cup… you have your dog, I have mine. I’d like to make sure this NEVER happens again. I am not saying there are not great Pits out there….. but given our circumstances I am sure you will understand our position. Chicago is still in a cone with stitches from her amputation courtesy of a lovely, wonderful, friendly, Pit Bull.

We toured around Sand Diego, and made our way to a dog park that was small enough to let Chicago our of her cone and stretch her legs. We didn’t really know where we were or what there was to see, but we did find some gems, like this massive hotel that is made of wood and was built during the Great Gatspy era. Someone we met there said they had stayed one night in a cheep room and it cost them about 800.00 for the night. Wow. I think some people have too much money! Lol.

I think it was about 5:30 when we got the call to pick up Journey. She was all taped up again, and still groggy from her procedure. She slept all the way to Yuma, and Chicago seemed to actually feel for her and cuddled her all the way. I’m not looking forward to going through the process of taping again.

We arrived back in Yuma, and now had two dobermans wearing Crowns of Glory. Hallelujah! NOT!

Oh yeah, and we had a second doggy check while we were there. Chicago seems to have picked up some sand or something in her eye, so we had the vet there check it, and she is now on eye drops every six hours. Ca Ching….. the vets are going to retire off of us. I just shake my head.

From here we are booked back at the Vail Ranch Vet Clinic in Temecula so Dr. Gill can assess Chicago’s progress after her ordeal. After that we will continue answering adds for RV’s and checking Lemon Lots to see if we can possible , by some miracle, find a unit for Connie.

Cheers from sunny Yuma!


Sherry Doug, Chicago and Journey



  1. Linda Matson Reply

    This is the first blog of yours I have seen! I hope I get many more! You make me feel almost like I am there with you! Your rig is so beautiful! I hope I continue to receive yours in the future. Safe travels. I feel so bad about your beautiful babies. It is hard to see them suffer! I have had animals all my life. Right now I have a wonderful Chihuahua, Coco, and a beautiful black cat who is now about 8.5 months old. Our daughter rescued him from the middle of a busy highway. He was 1.6 pounds. I think he is about 10+ pounds now. He reminds me of a panther! I will look forward to your next blog! Take care! Linda

    • Sherry Reply

      Hello Linda! I am so pleased that you enjoyed reading one of my posts! I do my best to be transparent and share our adventures as they happen. If you go to the bottom of any page you can registrar and will notified when we make a new entry. I hope you have discovered that if you go to the menu bar on the top… you can open up all posts. If you scroll to the bottom you can read everything up til the most recent entry. We are really having an adventure. Thank you for you kind words for of girls, Chicago and Journey. I am pleased to hear you got a rescue kitty and that he is doing so well. My daughter has a Chihuahua, and he is a cutie! Good on you. We talk a lot about our girls as they are our full Time RV Family! Sadly we lost Santana in Oregon a few months ago. That post is in our stories. Again, thank you for visiting. It’s so nice to hear that you feel you are on our adventures with us. I tried to write with that in mind. To take the ready with us!!!! I hope you share and enjoy some of the many videos on our video page. they are also on our you tune channel. Go to kightrider360.com and there are a ton there. Tons of great photography on their way. The blog is almost up to date and we are days away from crossing into the USA again and headed to the Slabs. Fascinating stories. Hope you are well and welcome to the blog!
      Sherry, Doug, Chicago and Journey!

      • Thank you for you response to my note! I enjoy everything you share. However, I did sign up for your adventures. I didn’t know about it until I visited it. I think I saw it in an email. I get so much junk, I may have missed it before. You are talking about things I never heard of. We (my husband, Ken) khave lived in Orlando, FL for 34 years. We love it here. I am so sorry about Santana. It is so awful to lose a part of our family. At my age, I have done it many times, and it never gets any easier! By the way, Chicago and Journey are absolutely beautiful! They are lucky to have you. Also, your home is beautiful, as well. Safe travels!

        • Sherry Reply

          Hello again Linda… not sure if that was a miss-spell. I am pleased you are joining us on our trip. Interesting enough we have a ton of people from Facebook we are trying to get to Florida to see. Wouldn’t it be great to meet as well? This year it will not happen. We are making a dash in two days across the boarder and headed right to Slab City. WE have a friend there who is not well…so we will be helping where we can. Santana made her bucket lit to run the beaches of the Oregon coast, and we sadly lost her the day we left Oregon. Hundreds if not more had been praying she would make it there. In recent posts you can find bucket list, and then Santana Walks on. I have lost many four legged friends including my dear horses and a few foals. Santana was without a doubt the worst ever. IT’s a heavy read. As I said, I write things are they are, and I am transparent about how I feel. This may not be your average RV blog. WE have a lot to share about RVING, but the Slabs, the homeless and the stories of Pit attacks and our own dogs took over the blog. Perhaps the way it was intended to be. Cheers, Sherry!

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