April 25 – 2018

We moved down to the National Park and RV camp site on the Salton Sea so we could plug in for a couple of days and have long hot showers. The campsite was basically empty aside from Bill who was living out of his RV next to us. What an interesting fellow!

As usual, our days are spent on Craigs List and such, trying to find a home for Connie. I think we have been to almost every Lemon Lot in California and parts or Arizona. I was feeling horrible that we would have to leave soon, knowing that Connie would still be stuck in that 12′ unit. How she managed over the years without going crazy is beyond me. I guess you do what you have to do, but no bed, couch or chair, no power, doors, windows, fridge. bathroom or stove? I mean I enjoy camping as much as the next person, but when you have to live like this all the time, well that my friend is a whole new ball game. Not for me. Not in the heat of the desert with no available water source near by.

Today is Doug’s birthday. Our plan was to make a 10 or more hour drive into Ventura, by L.A. to look at a couple of trailers but they didn’t look promising.

He had had the girls out playing catch, and then came in, poured a coffee and took one final look on the internet for units for sale. Bingo.

If this add was real, and everything they said was true, we may of found a home for Connie!!!!! And it was only an hour down the road in Indio! The listing was less than 30 minutes old when Doug called and we made arrangements to go and see it.

When we rounded the corner to Rigo’s, we saw a beautiful huge 5th wheel parked in the driveway beside his house. Before we even stepped inside, I think we both knew we had found something pretty darn special. The two slides were only partially opened because of where it was parked, but once we were inside, we found it to be clean and in near new shape. WOW!

This was a kazillion times better than where Connie was living now. After Doug did a thorough inspection, we found that everything worked. It was an answer to prayer! It was more than perfect.


When Rigo found out why were were buying it and who it was for, he gave a better price and then offered to deliver it to the Slabs on Monday when he was off work. For the first time in months, Doug and I felt the weight of the world life off of our shoulders. We had found Connie a home. We could return to Canada and know this wonderful woman would have a bed. She would have that and so much more!

We returned to the RV and decided to stay a couple of days and head to the Slabs on Friday. We really needed to just take a rest, enjoy the girls and take a deep breath. This whole trip has been a wild roller-coaster.

Signing off now.

Gonna go and take a walk on the beach with the girls and enjoy the glorious sunset.

Mission accomplished. Connie is getting a home…. we just have to keep it a secret from her for a few days because it does not arrive til Monday.


Sherry, Doug, Chicago and Journey.

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