Nov 30th, 2018

After a long haul across the Coquihalla Pass from Kelowna to the Vancouver area, we made it to the Ferry to cross over to Vancouver Island. Doug’s two daughters live here, and I have friends that I would like to see that I met while I was on the Island going to University.

The Ferry was interesting, and with the length and size of our rig, expensive. However, it was a trip we were glad we had planned before heading to the States, so we could have some time with family.

We decided to stay at the Fort Victoria RV Park because it’s central to every place we wanted to be. Low and behold, we discovered that Ray and Diana Allen were also in the park! During the course of our time there, we had the opportunity to spend some time with them, and enjoyed a great night of dinner and a new dice game called Farkel. We sure enjoyed visiting with them!

Christy and her husband Drew live there along with their dog Murphy. When the weather was good, we met them at a local dog park that was close to us and did a photo shoot. Shortly after we got to the dog park, however, Murphy discovered a creek running along the outside of the field and decided to take a swim. Silly dog 😉 Needless to say we spend the rest of our afternoon taking pictures of Christy and Drew with they soaking wet Lab a-Doodle. Quite fitting actually because his mischievous personality was quite evident 😉

Next we took Doug’s Daughter Tara to the park with her little Boston terrier named Rosey. We managed to get some good shots, that Tara seemed quite pleased with.

Our next photo shoot was with a very dear friend of mine, Janice Story. We took some family photos and then got a few of her beautiful dog named Panda. Later that night we had dinner at their place with her son Lance.

Our 10 days of down time on the Island turned out to be quite nice 😉 I have a high school friend that we drove out to Nanimo to spend the afternoon with. We decided to take all of the dogs on a hike down by the river. Although it was raining and we all ended up damp and cold, it was a lot of fun. It reminded me of why I loved living on the Island. Everything is so lush and green, and smells fantastic! While we were there we also go Chicago and Journey out to the west side so they could run through the rain forests by the ocean. They had a blast 😉

Just before we left for the mainland, we went to the Christmas truck parade in town town Victoria. You can see the video I took along with many others either on our blog, or open You Tube and search and you can find a lot of others we have loaded there.December is quickly approaching, so we will be making our way back to Aldergrove where we will wait until we cross into the States and make a dash for the Slabs. We have been talking to people there, and although we have no details as of yet, we have heard that Pastor Dave is not doing well. We are also anxious to get there to see Connie and all of the wonderful people we have come to love who live there. Through out the summer we have kept in constant contact with many of them, so it will be amazing to actually spend Christmas in the Slabs and do what ever we can to make the season a little brighter for them. It will be like going home. I know we will feel better when we find out if Pastor Dave is doing OK as well. I hate that we are so far away.

The Slabs feels like a world away, but we know Connie is anxious about our arrival, and we are extremely anxious to return! We need see for ourselves that everyone is well!


Anyhow, Cheers for now 😉

Doug, Sherry, Chicago and Journey.

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