Finally Made it to Yuma!

We finally arrived in Yuma on January 22nd, and it was so nice to see my dad and his wife Maxine! After almost a month in the desert, Doug and I really just needed some time out for ourselves 😉 It has been a long and very tiring year.

Here at the Foothill RV Park, we have a ton of friends, and with each return, it is like a second home coming. Dad and Maxine rented a unit off of our friend Erny, and it’s been such a great time hanging with all of our friends and family. They have flown in so that they can finish off some dental work that they started last year in Los Algodoneus, Mexico.

I even pulled out my Martin and started to jam with all of the musicians here every Tuesday. Then on Friday, I play with what you could call, the house band, for happy hour on Fridays. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get back to my music. I have had the best time ever!

Mexico of course in just a few minutes away, and Doug and I have numerous friends who live there or in CD Morallis. As soon as we cross the boarder, it’s almost like another family reunion. The people of Mexico are absolutely wonderful!

Tim and Alex who work at a couple of the dental offices have become like family to us. This year when we crossed were were able to bring a couple of bags of baby cloths that my friend Jan who lives in Victoria, donated. Usually we try to take an assortment of items that they can either use, pass out or sell. Both Alex and Tim work six days a week in dental offices, and the average income down there for that time period, would be equivalent to working at a Tim Horton’s for about 2 hours. Real Mexico is not Cabo or Cancun…. people really struggle just to get by in most areas.

When we were in Mexico, another dear friend of ours insisted on taking all of out for a birthday Margarita. Sergio is just so awesome! He makes his living standing outside of one dental offices and tries to convince tourists to have their dental work done there. This year we took down about 50 Spanish Bibles and he was so excited to have them.

It has been so nice to and actually just chill, and enjoy playing cards at happy hour, going to Bingo night, or hanging in the pool. Anyhow, we finished off this month on a high note. Maxine had all of her Dental done, and we celebrated my birthday with them.

Cheers from Yuma!

Sherry, Doug, Journey and Chicago

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