Adventures in Yuma and Mexico

March 21st 2019

Yuma is really a fantastic place to be when you need to relax and just take some time out. I think it was a good decision to book in for a much longer stay this year. We have had the chance to develop a lot of new friendships, and most everyone there seems to be laid back, happy and relaxed. That in itself is good medicine when you are emotionally and physically tired. The very first night we returned, Kelly was at our unit before we were even parked and asked if we had eaten. She told us to park it, and head over for a dinner she had prepared. From that moment, Kelly and I have been pretty tight friends. She is just amazing, and when you go to her camp, you are family. Love it!

I think the things I have enjoyed the most are our evening happy hours, jamming with a great group of fellow musicians, and the campfire nights Doug and I have started.

One night it was our turn to host happy hour, so I got a hold of Darrel who plays base and Linda who also plays guitar and sings. I thought it would be a lot of fun if the three of us plugged in our amps and mikes, and played after we had dinner around our propane fire-pits. I took a few days to print off a lot of music I had and put together binders with chord charts so the three of us could actually play a lot different material with a little more polish than our jam sessions. At least we sounded like we had played together for some time 😉 I love singing with Linda, and adding Darrel on base with his huge smile was the best ever! Our musical happy hour was a great success! We had a lot of people at our camp, and others who heard our little band started to stop by.

The following morning Dapper Jorge came over with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from himself and Erny. He said in Germany when his mom took him to the opera or a show, it was customary to give the entertainer or singer flowers to show their appreciation. I was very honored, as was Linda. Guys like Dabber Jorge and Erny are one in a million… and Dapper George is a very classy, curious and loving soul. His name is well earned, for he is indeed dapper! Thanks guys, you made my morning!

We have taken some time to go back into CD Morallis to visit with our friends Tim and Alex. They live about 40 minutes outside of Los Algodoneus, so they pick us up at the boarder, and drive us to their home for the day. Erny volunteered to take Chicago and Journey out in case we got hung up at the boarder. He is the only on I can think of that chicao would let in the motor home. They just love him.

Tim and Alex have been building their home now, brick by brink for about three years. We were stunned to see how much they have accomplished. Last year they had the bathroom and main kitchen and living area done, but now they have two very large bedrooms and an extra bathroom almost completed. Its really coming together, and when it is done, they will have a beautiful home! I couldn’t get over how much their girls have grown. While we were there, we went into town and had some traditional Mexican food for lunch. Our visits with Timbo and Alex are always so much fun. There’s always a lot of news to catch up, and just spending time with them is such a treat. You learn a lot about Mexico and it’s culture when you get away from the main tourist areas. The poverty and way of life is very different than anything you would see going to the posh resorts along the ocean. The Mexicans are a beautiful people, hard working and amazingly happy in spite of their lack of material things. It’s a real eye opener to really experience Mexico. Doug and I have a great heart for the people there, the importance they place on family, children and friends. I love learning about different cultures in other countries, and I love the experience of being in places where no Gringo’s go. Fascinating!

On the 21st, Yuma has a big parade to celebrate Hank Days. It’s very impressive and a lot of fun to go and see. Kelly from the park took her gold cart in, and had it all decked out with a Canadian theme. Way to go Kelly!

We have continued to have a lot of fun playing cards, jamming and spending time with our friends. I even go to Tuesday Bingo, and on one occasion had the chance to be THE Bingo caller to fill in for a friend of mine who was pretty sick. Although I found it rather confusing to figure out how to use the machine, it was pretty cool after I got the hang of things. One more thing now to add to my resume. LOL.

Chicago and Journey have been having quite a bit of fun as well. Doug had been taking them out to the desert to run for an hour or so every morning, but we eventually took our friends up on using their golf carts. It was a lot safer than having them poke around shrubs since the rattle snakes have begun to hang out along the paths. Kelly graciously offered for us to use her cart, so each night I would drive, and Doug would hold the leash of one as we made our laps around the park. They absolutely loved it!


From the windy and wonderful City of Yuma,

Sherry, Doug, Chicago and Journey

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