March 4-21st

Howl At The Moon

We have really been enjoying our time here in Yuma. Of course we have made a few trips into Mexico to visit with our friends, and it has been great. While in Mexico we have had more time to spend with Sergio and his wife, and of course visit with Tim and Alex. Over the years we have come to know many of the vendors that sell to the tourists, so walking around Los Algodoneus is more like a constant meet and great with old friends. The food in Mexico is so good, and when you add the Mariachi bands and Mexican festivities, it’s a great place to just go and enjoy the people for a day.

If you have never been there, you have to be prepared for those people who can get quite pushy trying to sell you things. It took us a few trips down to figure out how to politely tell them we were not interested, but on occasion you have to be quite stern or they just will not leave you alone. The hardest pan handlers selling things, are the old women who sit by the boarder gates with little new born babies on their laps. I know our first few trips down I had a bleeding heart and was giving money to most we passed as they begged for change or for you to buy a 5 cent package of gum for a buck. Sergio helped us to understand just how much money these old women make, so now it’s not an issue for us to tell them “not today”, and continue past then without feeling guilty.

It is a good thing Doug was working on a few things on the Motor home, because he discovered that our fan belt was worn and needed to be replaced. Fortunately we were able to find a mechanic who was able to install a new one, after Doug hunted down the part we needed. We would have been hooped if we had of pulled out of Yuma and that thing went. The mechanic told us it had been like that for a very long time. So a heads up when you buy a second hand rig… check it out! Not only is it a costly repair, but if it were to go you would be in a whole heap of trouble.

On March 21, they have an annual event in Yuma called Howl at the Moon. Rather than hopping a bus and heading out in to the desert with a ton of other people, Erny decided it would be a great idea for us to have our own Howl at the Moon Party right at the resort. We brought out our binders of Chord charts, set up the music equipment, and set up a lot of tables, chairs, pit pits and food. It was one of the best nights I think we had in our entire stay in Yuma. Most of the park showed up in spite of the wind we had the night, and Erny had set up a food hamper for people to bring canned goods and such for us to take back to the Slabs when we left.

All in all we really had an awesome evening! Between, Linda and myself, I think we had pretty much every style of music that people liked, and with the addition of Darrel on the bass it sounded like we had been playing together for a long time. It was so nice to see so many people show up. Some enjoyed the fires and company, while others got up and had a blast dancing 😉 I sure hope we do another one next year.

As we prepared leave yet again, folks from the RV park began to show up at our unit with bags of frozen meat and food that we could pass onto the Slabs. Pastor Dave runs what they call Haven meals there once a week, and he make a great effort with the help of volunteers to make a good hearty meal so he knows everyone who is hungry gets at least one hearty feed a week. With all of the chicken, hamburger and steak that we have been given, I am thinking there is enough meat and produce for the Haven to do several meals. It will be greatly appreciated, and I want to express my thanks to everyone who contributed! Our freezer is full! 😉

The office staff told us they would even set up donation boxes in the club house, so as people left for the season, they could leave those things behind for us to pick up next year. How thoughtful! Dee and Sue… you are the best!

A lot of the folks at the Foothill RV park, also came buy with clothing donations. I know we will find great homes for the many wonderful items that were given to us. Some will go to the Slabs, and others we will hang on to pass out to the homeless who are living in Tent Cities or on the streets. You can’t imagine how wonderful it is for someone living on the streets to get a freshly washed or warm clothing to wear. We will take great care to make sure these awesome gifts will get to those who need it most.

As we prepare to haul out of Yuma, we once again would like to extend our thank you to everyone who came with donations to help us out! You are a wonderful group of people, and we can not wait to see you again!


Sherry, Doug, Chicago and Journey.

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